Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sunday Morning

Now it is June again, one of those
leafy Sundays drifting through galaxies
of maple seeds. Somewhere, a mourning dove
touches her keyboard twice, a lonely F,
and then falls silent. Here in the house
the Sunday papers lie in whitecaps
over the living-room floor. Among them floats
the bridal page, that window of many panes,
reflecting, black and white, patches of sky
and puffs of starlit cloud becoming
faces. On each bright brow the same light falls,
the nuptial moon held up just out of sight
to the left. The brides all lift their eyes
and smile to see the heavens stopped for them.
And love is everywhere. Cars that have all week
lurched and honked with sour commuters are now
like smooth canoes packed soft with families.
A church bell strides through the green perfume
of locust trees and tolls its thankfulness.
The mourning dove, to her astonishment,
blunders upon a distant call in answer.

-Ted Kooser


Life Looms Large said...

I thought about your favorite poet when I was choosing a poem to go with my cemetery pictures. Wondered if he had anything to say on the subject.

This poem is beautiful....although I got all confused by the title and date and wondering if I'd totally spaced and forgotten what day it is!!


Linda Loken said...

holy cow!! That was so beautiful. What wonder can come of strategic wordsmithing! Thank you for sharing!