Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trying to Keep Up

Friday I prepared eight quarts of blanched and quartered tomatoes for the freezer.  I have two lugs left to go but I ran out of ice from the ice maker and it's so slow refilling that I hope to have enough tomorrow to at least do another lug.

Gretel offered me the use of her dehydrator as she is canning this week so I drove over this morning and I picked it up along with her mandolin.  I've got five trays of cantaloupe drying tonight and expect they'll be dry in the morning so that I can restock the dehydrator.  I have more melon but would also like to dry some of the tomatoes.

Ian came in from the garden with these this morning. This is the most robust growing year we've experienced. I feel like the little Dutch boy with his fingers in the dike trying to save the whole thing. Ian ordered a dehydrator for me this evening which should be here Tuesday. I don't want to lose any of this food if I can help it. Our potatoes are ready too and I'd like to dry some of our onions. I thought I'd try making potato chips in the dehydrator.
The last warp of sea glass towels is off and the the towels are finished. This brings me up to 21 towels for the craft fair in three weeks.  I'm dressing my loom with the reds and purples, but by adding the lilac I ruined the image of Red Hat Society.  I'm not sure what I've got.  I guess I'll find out in another couple days.
I'm cutting strips from this king-size sheet for my final rag rug.  I think the rugs look awesome and was surprised when Ian commented this morning that he had noticed my finished ones when closing the blinds yesterday afternoon upstairs.  He said - they're gorgeous!  I have no idea if they're craft fair fodder so will limit myself to a few to test the waters.
I hope they do sell as they're so much fun to make. Plus, I have probably close to 50 pounds in cottons.   I forgot to take any pictures of the finished rugs but I love how this one is developing.  The rest of my energy until then will be in towels, which I know are craft fair fodder. 


Marion B. said...

Those towels! aren´t they wonderful.

Hilary said...

I think your rugs are lovely, and I should know.

LA said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your "not red hat" place mats! They sound interesting! Fall is the time to get all that produce put up for the winter!!!!

Cindie said...

The towel colors are wonderful.

A friend of mine makes zucchini chips in the dehydrator - sprinkles them with seasoning salt and dries them for snacks.

Benita said...

Wow! You are one busy lady!!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Hi Sharon! I miss seeing you too. Watching all the projects you are doing. Lately I've been doing a little spinning on the side - for R&R. Just plain relaxing. Good luck with your craft faire! Looks like you have wonderful things for sale!

Wool Enough said...

Wow! You are keeping busy indeed. The new towels look gorgeous. I'm enjoying mine and noticing how much better they are than the store-bought ones.