Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The mornings are miserably dark and we can't wait until this weekend for the time change.   Why don't they pick a time and leave it alone like Arizona?  Anyway, I've dug out my "happy light" (multispectrum light for S.A.D.) and am back to morning spinning once again.  This is another attempt at art yarn.  It's some silk I had and then I plied the single with 60/2 silk to make it strong enough to go in a warp.
I wove another sample scarf, but this time it's 20 ends per inch and so the warp is evenly distributed at two threads in each dent.  I wanted to compare it to the sample I wove at 24 ends per inch which produced some interesting striping.  I also measured to know how much I was losing to the loom so I'd know how much longer to weave it.  You lose so many inches when you remove the tension and again and when you wash the scarf.
Here they are side by side.  You'll have to click for big to see the striping on the blue one, but even though it's hard to put on the 24 ends into a 20 end reed, I really do like the striping on the blue.  I'm ready to put on a long warp and weave away.  Pink?  Sorry Amy.  It's Alexia's favorite color so you know where this scarf is going.
And speaking of Alexia, I got to have lunch with her and her parents yesterday.  She has a new and wonderful haircut.  After lunch we went shopping for my much anticipated purchase, the one I've been saving all my craft money for.
I came home with an iPad 3.  It was so late by the time I got home that I really didn't get to play with it much but I did play with enough to know that it is going to be everything I had thought and probably more.  All the recipes that I've indexed in Pinterest will be right here for me when I'm cooking.  The keypad was an extra.  I bought it today at Best Buy, recommended by both Grover and Lindsey Cleveland, my iPad pushers.
I caught this on my way to town early this morning.  In a crazy mad turn of events, I got an email from Substitution Services at the school district and suddenly found myself in an interview yesterday morning, was fingerprinted and scheduled for an orientation this morning, which is where I was going when I took this picture.

I have a classroom management class next week.  Technically I could start subbing tomorrow but I realized that I was the only one in the orientation who hasn't had classroom experience and though there is plenty of information online, I'd prefer to have that additional session under my belt. 


LA said...

Your yarn is truly looks like you're having fun!

Theresa said...

Congrats on the iPad3, you lucky dog! I'm waiting for them to be able to take the place of a laptop. The new haircut looks super on Alexia. Have fun with that subbing.

Jody said...

Your granddaughter looks alot like you with her new haircut :-)