Sunday, May 19, 2013

Clean Up

The fourth and last looper rug is done.  I think I might have had room for a fifth on the cloth beam, but I'm glad I didn't warp for it.  I want to clean up my mess and try some scarves.
This is the mess I'm talking about.  One side of a looper is a raw edge where it was cut from the loom.  I have looper lint everywhere and suspect I will for months to come.
I hauled our heavy vacuum cleaner up the stairs, shoved Lilith back to the wall and sucked up this mess.  And then of course, since that part of the rug was clean, the rest looked messy.  I ended up vacuuming everything and I realized when I moved Maudie Mae and found a half inch of lint that it's probably been over a year since I've done it.
 I recently realized that when I used this kind of knot (I don't know what it's called) when I lash onto the front apron rod, when I'm done weaving, I can quickly pulled it open and I don't have to cut anything.  The loom is clear in minutes.

I bought eight ounces of silk noil in my Yarn Barn order.  I've never worked with it and didn't know that I had just purchased a life-time supply.  Not knowing the first thing about it, I thought I'd just do some lumps using Gaywool dyes.  It only took a few crystals in hot water for a lump.
Today I blended more stuff together.  I've spun up my other batts and I'm still learning how to make ugly yarn.  My soil noils are on the left behind the pile of silk.  The lavender fluff is mohair and the white wool is badly processed, neppy Cormo which actually does well in these blends.  I'm using the last of the dyed roving I bought from Mim and need to get over to her place soon for more.
These are my first batts.  
These are the second.  I left out the mohair but added sari silk.
These are some of the yarns I've spun up and want to weave.  I'm driving over to Nevada City on Tuesday to attend the Not 2 Square weavers interest group.  Instead of taking something I've woven to share, I'm planning to take these yarns and ask for advice.  The drive will be five hours, round trip but I've talked my neighbor Kerry into going with me. 
Ian loaded up the bark from the firewood he cut and was taking it to dump.  The dogs waited in the cab while he went back into the house.
Was that the front door?!!!
Oh it was and he's coming, he's coming, he's coming.  It's been two minutes!!
Oh happy day, we're going to haul the bark away.  Happy dogs.


Valerie said...

Yes, this dabbling in the fiberarts is a messy business!!

When you captioned the first dog picture: "Ian loaded up the bark...."
I thought it was going to be a pun.

LA said...

Dogs in a pick up just gotta love it!!! I'm loving your art yarn many possibilities!

Cindie said...

Love those batts!

Benita said...

Colorful lint!! It's like when I clean out the dryer vent after washing out the tie-dyes.

What I wouldn't give to have that load of bark! It makes for fast starting dye fires on Dye Day.

The batts are beautiful and so soft looking! Are you going to sell them or use them for yourself?