Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Weekend

Our Tumbleweeds book club met this Saturday at Marsha's, who lives just north of the Stead air field, home of the Reno Air Race.  I caught a couple of shots before we convened and it was hard to not run outside when I'd hear them coming directly overhead for more pictures - even when the shadow of the plane crossed the house.  Finally Marsha closed all the windows so we could hear each other.  We were talking about The Forest Lover by Susan Vreeland.  I'm not a fan of this author and found the book unreadable but loved learning about Emily Carr, whom the book was based on, and her wonderful turn-of-the-century art work. 
Click for big.  I took my DSLR - you can see the propellers.  I wish I could have captured the sound because it's an important part of the picture.  I didn't take the camera case with backup battery, and of course this is the part where the battery dies.
Today was our Little Valley Market day and I made a minimal presence.  I haven't had time to make anything in at least a month so was happy that I still had stuff to sell.  It's rather lonely under my Easy-Up today as Mim decided to sell from the back of her truck.
One of my neighbors had a frustrating day so I told her that she needs to share my space on the next market and get rid of the umbrella that the wind is so unkind to.  We live in the 40th parallel and so we always have wind.  I did well today.  Our local market has been better to me than any craft fair I did last year.  But I need to get crackin' as soon as this sub job is over.
I did manage to squeeze in a little weaving time this weekend and get started on the commissioned rug.  All the time from here on will be in cutting and sewing the strips.  The weaving doesn't take much time at all.

 Her color theme is Red Rooster. I hope this is it.

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