Friday, June 27, 2014

Time Flies

Christina and I drove up to the top of Mt Sugarloaf yesterday, all 654' above sea level, for a birds eye view of the countryside. The Connecticut River flows at the base and in the left distance you can see U Mass. Click for big to see the brick library tower that can only be used on every other floor. The architects forgot to account for the added weight of the books!
Directly below and across the bridge is Sunderland, a community older than Nevada. Church spires are part of all communities and I think this one is a Congregational church.
We are staying in the group of houses on the left bank of the river. It's like living in a park.
The soil deposited from glaciers and river overrun is about 30 feet deep in Franklin County and ideal for farming. The landship is dotted by farms, and part of Historic Deerfield is still engaged in active farming.
A Victorian summer house occupied the "summit" until the 1960s when it mysteriously burned to the ground. A Frank Lloyd Wright inspired observation tower was built in it's place.
After the ceremony tomorrow afternoon, the wedding party and photographer are coming up here for photographsto take advantage of this unique setting.
The weather promises to behave with a forecast of 83 degrees and 37% humidity.
Olivia had roseola earlier this week and felt terrible, but she's a happy baby now with Daddy (my grandson John). She's still feeling a little clingy so will probably be passed back and forth at the altar.
The tent was delivered this morning. Time to put all the plans on paper into action. Yikes Shannon!
There aren't enough lights for the whole tent. It's time to go to Target and buy some more. Once again, I'm so glad we rented a car. The rehearsal dinner (pizza) is tonight and we will be ready!

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Leigh said...

Just getting caught up. What an interesting series of posts. Of course, my people came from Cape Cod, so this part of the country fascinates me. Great photos, Sharon.