Friday, June 19, 2015

To Be Continued.

Petey has never seen the University of Nevada Reno campus so we met Chrissie for lunch on Monday and Mike came down to join us.  He had to get back to work so Christina gave us the cook's tour.  The statue is John McKay (pronounced mackee here) for whom the school of mines is named.
A number of years ago the old building went through a seismic retrofit and now sits on massive cushions and springs.  I got to take a tour when it reopened and it included crawling underneath to see the new safety features.  Several of the mine companies got together and donated these gold-plated water fountains.  I didn't realize until later that my legs and Darth's head make a startling image.
Morrell Hall is the original building where classes were held when the school opened in Reno over 150 years ago.  Some of the old buildings have been torn down and recently when they tried to tear down an original residence hall, the hue and cry from the public caused them to rethink and Lincoln Hall gets to stay, only this is the last year that it will house students.
This is my favorite place of the entire campus and it was at the far end of this grassy quad where I graduated, May 1990.  Petey commented on how beautiful the campus is and what a nice job they've done retaining the original red brick theme, unlike his alma mater U C Davis.

He left the next morning for Davis and I went in to town for my library book club which I've facilitated for ten years now.  The next day I was back in for the combined guild board meeting, outgoing and incoming, and as the next newsletter editor I'm incoming.  Keep in mind that a trip to town means two hours out of a day.

Our last guild meeting for 2014/2015 was a dye day and I made two hanks of white Tencel to put in the indigo dye bath.  My plan was to make the warp hank dark and the weft hank light but it didn't go that way.  At least the color is splochy so it's still interesting to me.
I'm taking a break from towels while I wait for the yarns I ordered to arrive.  I gave the last lap robe away for a nonprofit raffle prize so I'm weaving another one for us out of handspun yarns.
I was an ordering fool last month and also ordered a Harrisville Designs warping mill.  It's here but I haven't had a chance to assemble it, and anyway, I don' t have the need for it until my yarns arrive.
The five cones I ordered from Georgia Yarn Company came right away, which reminds me that Michael still hasn't sent me an invoice!  I'm not crazy about UKI 8/2 unmercerized cotton as it is pretty fragile, but there are some colors that I need, like Old Gold.  I should have ordered more than one cone of it.  Webs informed me that yarns I ordered were out of stock and are back ordered.

It was a surprising week.  Our friend Carol Lloyd came by Thursday afternoon to sit on the porch with us and chat.  We usually talk about library stuff but this time we talked about Bend and us moving there.  Ian and I started talking about it Wednesday so with Carol's recommendation I called Brian Lessinger on Friday.  His son was graduating that weekend but he said he would come out on Monday for a look-see.
Wednesday he was back with the comps he had worked  up, the contract and the sign.  So it's official, we are taking steps to move to Bend.  Yesterday our listing appeared on MLS and we got a call to show it today.  I bought boxes yesterday from U-Haul but so far I've just been cleaning and getting ready to show our house.  Melissa is coming up for a few days the first week of July to help me pack.

We've surprised everyone including ourselves, but we've wanted to live in Bend for years.  I woke up this morning at 5:30 and started cleaning and clearing all over again and now we're waiting.  We are already working with a realtor in Bend.  To be continued.....


weavinfool said...

Whoa, that came from left field. Sometimes stuff just falls into place and you know it is a good decision. God luck with it all falling together.

Cindie said...

Whoo Hoo - another future Oregonian!!!

Theresa said...

Bend is lovely and it is always nice to be close to family. How exciting for you. Fingers crossed you sell quickly and find just the perfect Oregon home with lots of weaving space....;-)