Tuesday, June 23, 2015


We showed the house Friday a little after noon but the prospective buyer wants horse property, and while she loved the house, she wasn't interested in our yard.  We enjoy it so much and have have worked hard to cultivate it.  The thought of someone letting it die just turns my stomach.  About 1:30 I was done in and had to take a nap.  Ian woke me up about 4:00 and said someone was coming down our driveway.  Central Showing hadn't called us so we were completely taken by surprise.  I quickly brushed my hair and took my took out to the front porch, like I had planned it all along.

The showing went very well.  The prospective buyer and her agent were blown away with how cool the house stays without the air conditioner on.  I showed them where the property boundaries are, we chatted briefly, then I went back out to front porch.  She loved our house and asked me what I would do if she bought it - was I ready to move?  I assured her I certainly was.  Her dog loved the yard and she had a hard time getting him back in the car, so she quipped - I have to buy your house for my dog!
The next day was Julia's bridal shower and while I was getting ready, our realtor Brian called Ian to say that we had received an offer on the house from the second showing.  Ian printed it out for me to I could look it over because I had to leave and we only had until 6:00 to reply.

I went to lunch first with Alexia and Christina, my beautiful girls.  Moving away from them is going to be horrible and the only downside to this this move.
Julia and her friend Becky had driven down from Bend the day before.  Becky did all the driving but got tired so they spent the night in Alturas and finished the drive the next morning.  Her sister gave her the shower - a Tutu Shower.  For those who didn't have tutus, paper tutus were substituted.  She's going to be my daughter in law in less than a month - finally!!!  And while I was there, Ian texted me that Brian had sent the documents to him, both my copy and his. We agreed with accept the offer so he created an account for me did my e-signature for me.
I bought a bundle of boxes from U-Haul and am packing one a day.  I'm also taking a load to the thrift store and donating books to the library every time I go to town.  The back end of car is loaded for my trip tomorrow.  I'm picking Alexia up and having lunch with Mommy, then we're going to see a movie.  I'm afraid there will be no packing tomorrow.

I'm going to have to step it up, although Melissa is coming up the first week of July to help me pack.  I have an appointment with Luke O'Brien July 1st for an estimate on moving expenses.  It seems things are falling in place - all except for the llamas.  I simply cannot find anyone to take them.

We got a call yesterday morning from our realtor's office, asking if it would be okay for our buyers to come out, just them, without their agent.  It ended up being a three-hour visit. We seemed to have a lot to talk about and I know they will fit in here just fine. They wanted to walk to the foot of the property, but first to the top of our little pinnacle.  They loved the view from there and the dog was having the time of his life.

You don't realize how rugged the terrain is until you walk it.  It makes me appreciate firefighters all the more. The foot of our property is the green grass on the far right.  It's a hike! And that after making soap, gathering up a thrift store load and packing another box. I woke up pooped today.

I'm also thrilled that our buyers have a great yard in town and love the yard that we've created here from nothing. They're both artists and have a large studio now and want to built one here.  When I told them there was power and water to the llama shed, they knew exactly where they wanted to put it.  I know it's not over until the fat lady sings.

She asked if we have birds and sadly, the birds are quiet in the heat of the afternoon which is when they were here, but the answer is yes we do.  I wish they could have heard the quail coming down in the early evening to scratch under the bird feeders. I will miss those silly birds very much and know I'll miss our place very much.  I'll be homesick but I also know that moving to Bend is what we need to do at this stage of our lives.  To be continued.....


Cindie said...

Wow - it's all so fast, so nice not to have a house on the market for a long time.

Michelle said...

I'm so thrilled that God is leading so clearly! But I was really hoping that you were leading up to saying that the buyers decided they want the llamas to stay....

Tina T-P said...

It's been a while since I've been out reading blogs - Wow, Bend! My cousin & his wife live in Bend and love it there - congrats on selling your home so quickly - I hope that you can find someone to take the llamas - too bad about your older sheep.

The towels that you make are just beautiful. I love the colors - The roving and top that I just bought at Black Sheep are a lot in those colors.

Best of luck with your packing! Tina from Bellingham/Marietta Shetlands who would love to take some of your moisture off your hands. PS - I know you have a couple of "Tina's" in your readership so that's why I put it with town & farm. :-)

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

I admit I haven't kept up with your blogs since I knew you were OK since your accident. I'm sorry you have endured so much residual pain and stiffness ever since. But golly, I just went through your last 2 years's worth of blogs and saw so many beautiful things you made on your looms! Wow, gorgeous! I am sorry to hear you are moving away to Bend, I was always hoping to see you at a spinning meeting (even though I haven't been going very often myself). But, I am happy that this is what you wanted and that you found a wonderful buyer. Good luck and happiness my friend! Carolyn Thompson