Sunday, December 20, 2015

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.....

Cindy posted several pictures on Facebook from the NWRSA Christmas Party.  Laura and I have been friends for almost 20 years and here we are together again.  It's nice to have an old friend in a new place. 
Someone noticed these guys outside Cindy's window.  They stopped the party as we stood in the window, enjoying a National Geographic moment.
They tussled for almost an hour when the young buck finally caved.
We fit in three school concerts and a basketball game last week.  I don't know how our kids work full time and do all these things!!  It's not a slam dunk when you consider that roads, parking lots and sidewalks are icy.
And it continues to snow, then rain and then snow again.
Ian's hat is done and a success.  I knit it at 3 1/2 stitches to the inch and it's really warm with all the silk and alpaca in the blend.  He loves it. 
We've talked about getting a smart TV for the past couple of years but our little 32" had such a good picture that we just never followed through.  We're further away from the TV in this house and it's frankly difficult to see.  We had looked at this Samsung on an early Costco trip so I bought it the other day when I was there picking up a few things.  That was the easy part.
Ian had the hard part - setting it up.  We have a digital antenna for local channels and use Apple TV for programs.  Set-up took a while but it's done and we like it.  We watched Project Runway Juniors last night and really enjoyed having a bigger picture.  We went from 32" to 48" - quite a step up.
Meanwhile, I'm plugging away on this stranded knitting hat that Cindy Wasner designed.  Her patterns are on Ravelry if you're interested.  Her instructions call for the yarn to be held in both hands, the background in the right and the pattern in the left.  I'm having a hard time teaching myself how to knit English style so my gauge is uneven.  I just accept that this is a learner project and I already know I'll have to do it agian.  The white lining is Eva Fisher's fingering weight alpaca, perfect for a soft lining on tender ears.
This list showed up on Facebook last week.  I need to think of these things.


karensspinzen said...

I think the hat's lovely. In the picture, it's not at all apparent that there's a problem with the tension. Just keep plugging away. It's nice to have that additional option in your tool belt.
Stay warm!

Theresa said...

It's pretty frightful out here too, but that's a good thing! ;-)
Great hat for Ian. I'm thinking of tackling another hat from one of Zoolbergs(sp) patterns. Colorwork is not something I'm that good at either, but I did get the hang of the two handed knitting last one.
And I see you are putting that TV to good use watching football. Bravo!

Jodi said...

Beautiful knitting! Looks like you're really enjoying your new home and new hometown.

We finally caved and bought a modern TV last summer (we still had an HD tube TV that was a real behemoth). What a difference! We're not big TV people, but the old one just took up way too much real estate in the living room.

Michelle said...

Wish I could be there with two of my friends! Rick bought a smart TV from Costco, too, but the smaller one.