Monday, January 18, 2016

How I Spend My Mornings

Once I sent my booth fee and application, I knew it was time to get serious and stop fooling around with six yard warps.  My target used to be 70 towels before a show.
The "Desert Sky" towels are done,
And the "Tidepool" warp is ready to be lashed on and woven.
That gave me a little breathing room.  I have a few scarves I'd like to put in the booth but I'm almost out of the ones that sell best for me - made from hand blended and hand spun yarns.  I started pulling colors together and selected these for my first bats.
And done!
I chose more muted colors for the second batch and acquired a second helper.
These are all wool/silk blends, mostly from stuff people have given me.
Melissa gave me a big bag of navy blue roving that's simply labeled "Australian wool" but it feels like Merino top to me.  I blended it with alpaca, white Merino, tussah silk and silk noil.  
This is the iffyist of the three batches.  It's either going to be great or groan.
A week ago our yard looked this.
Today it looked this so after my fiber play I took a couple bags out to do a little clean-up.  I could have filled four bags - or more.  I bet I threw away the equivalent weight of two Yorkies - in poop.
Two big bags of poop is significant when your trashcan is this tiny.  Bend is very serious about living responsibility and recycling is mandatory so that bin is twice the size of the trash.  It's especially significant when the trashcan is 3/4 full, it's Monday and pick-up isn't until Friday.


LA said...

I am not surprised at all that your "handspun-handwoven" scarves are a hit!!!! Do folks just pick them up and cuddle them??? That's what I'm guilty of doing!!!! I love the blended rolags!

Nina said...

Gosh, your colours in the towels and your batts are absolutely lovely. I can see why those scarves are well received, with awesome colours and great fibre blends.