Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Much Better

I finished my sampler using a Shadow Weave draft from a recent Handwoven, and while the cloth has a nice hand, I didn't enjoy weaving this at all.  I still don't know how I'll use the ten skeins of lace-weight Kellbourne yarn.  I'm thinking.

I did however enjoy weaving the scarf I just finished - after I managed to get the mess sorted out.  I set these cones out to think about for a second one.
After deliberating for a couple of days I decided to go with these analogous colors.  I thought it would make a scarf match more clothes.
This is how it's turning out.  I don't know if I'm pleased or not and probably won't know until it's finished, washed and pressed.
This is the first one and it's more green than I had expected - my daughter's colors.  I think I'll send it to her for her birthday in April.
I've signed up for a three-day crackle weave workshop next month taught by Susan Wilson.  Yesterday I received an email with instructions, including the draft that I need to put on my loom as well as the yarns I need to bring.  These are all yarns that people have given to me.  The only yarns I've bought are 8/2 Tencel and cotton.  The warp is to be a light-colored 10/2 perle cotton (white), with two different 10/2 for warp (black and red), some 3/2 and some textured yarns.  I've never woven with 3/2 cotton and the only cone I have is the magenta on the right.  The only 10/2 I have is the black, red and white.
I've been putting off a Webs order and it's a good thing because I need to order some 3/2.  After much thought I chose the lime green and teal, only to discover that Webs doesn't have any teals in this weight and their lime green is deeper.
I ended up ordering the lavender and lime green though I don't need much for the class.  After all, it's a 3 yard by 8" warp.  I have no idea what I'll do with the rest of these cones afterwards.
Ian bought the last cat tree at Costco this week.  Maddy has been scratching everything and has already scratched to death the little post we bought for her after we moved here.  The top bed is 6' high, much taller than her old one.  It's so big that the only place for it was this corner in our bedroom and she can watch the birds from both windows.  She loves it!
I took this picture from the sliding door this morning.  Maddy isn't the only one who likes looking out these windows.
And speaking of looking out the windows, I saw this deer in our driveway from our kitchen window. 
Our woodstove stopped drawing and sent choking smoke into the room, launching the smoke alarm which not only screeches but says "fire" - oh swell.  Ian tried several times to coax a fire to no avail.  The chimney sweeps were here yesterday to remove the soot from the chimney and clean the plugged cap.  Now it can breath and so can we.  Much better.



Michelle said...

The cat is entertained, the woodstove is warming, and you're weaving. It's like you've lived here a long time already!

chris said...

10/2 cotton is great for waffle weave towels. Set at 20epi.