Monday, July 11, 2016

Time to Weave!

I came home from my weave/study group last Wednesday with this cone of variegated Tencel.  Kay had received it last Christmas in the gift exchange and after weaving a scarf that she gave to her daughter, she offered the cone to Gillian who had just finished with it and brought it back.  I was curious and when I expressed interest, Kay sent it home with me and just said to return it when I was done.
I had a hard time picking a weft color so put the two cones next to the warp and walked around it for a couple of days.
The coral won out and I started weaving on it this morning while the guy measured our skylights for replacement blinds.

I ordered six cones of 3/2 unmercerized cotton through the Yarn Barn of Kansas mill-end yarn club and as soon as I finish this scarf I'm going to warp Arthur for baby blankets.  I've only given baby blankets as gifts but I'd like to have a half dozen finished for the Christmas sale.
We're getting the skylight blinds replaced because they're as old as the house and thoroughly rotted out.  I love the skylights which brighten up the house on cloudy winter days but when we can't cover them in the summer, they heat the house up very quickly.  When this one completely came apart Ian stopped putting it off and called Dennis at Blinds, Etc. What a nice guy.
The best part is that I'll have one over my loom so instead of covering it with a quilt when I stop for the day, I can just drop the blind.
Maudie Mae is going to be dishtowels for a while.  My plan was to do two of each color, excluding purple but I'm not crazy about the turquoise so the next towel will be purple, then yellow, green and orange after that.  I'm glad to finally get time to weave some inventory for fall.
Ian and I went to Summerfest on Saturday after my make-up radiation session.  If the machine holds up, I only have nine more treatments left.  I'm getting pretty tired at this point so we didn't last long, but we had a good time looking around and ate lunch at Wild Rose which is one of our favorite lunch places.
I was browsing the stalls for a cereal bowl and couldn't resist this one which goes great with the towels I just wove.  The bowl is from Blue Spruce Pottery, a family business started in 1976. As much as I love these towels I'm not going to do them again.  Weaving with eight shafts was really heavy and too much like work.  I like the color combo though so am shopping for a different block weave structure.


LA said...

That bowl is just perfect with your towel! It's so much fun to play around with color and patterns, don't you think?

Theresa said...

Lovely bowl! I bought a bowl at Growers Market last Saturday but it sure isn't as lovely as that one. Info on the potter please!

Stephanie S said...

Potter is Blue Spruce Pottery. They have benign business in Bend for years.

aroundthecorneranddownthelane said...

I hope to be able to weave such pretty things soon! love the color choices you made!

karensspinzen said...

I'm so glad to hear that your radiation is nearing the end. Countdown!
Just like all my handwoven towels, all of our plates and bowls are from a potter. We use them often enough, we deserve to enjoy the art of them! Good for you for treating yourself!