Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Projects Galore and Then Some

My spinning is turning into yarn but since I'd like to make this into a cowl, I'm thinking about how to overdye it to make it a more flattering color.  Don't get me wrong, I love it as it is - just need a more face friendly color.  I am diligently wearing cowls and scarves to keep my neck warm and my neck thanks me for it.  My neck doesn't care about the color, but still.
I knit this as a scarf in the Falling Leaf lace pattern which actually is the only lace pattern I've knitted, but when I needed more cowls,  I sewed the ends together and now I wrap it around my neck three times.  It's my absolute favorite and it's what I am planning for this developing yarn.
And on the subject of knitting, I finally hauled out the almost completed Norwegian cap and knitted the last ear flap.  I couldn't understand the instructions for the ties so I winged it.  I warned Ian that it wasn't going to be pretty and probably the two flaps wouldn't be the same length, he didn't care.  He wore it this morning in 22 degrees and said he "had a warm head and ears."
 And another getting back to it thang, I tackled back-to-front warping again this morning but with the assistance of the YouTube video from Webs, God bless them.  I'd watch a little, do a little, watch a little, do a little and I finally got the warp onto the warp beam.  I learned a ton!  Here is where I decided that in the future I'll start winding my warp on the opposite end of the cross.  I have always started winding at the cross but I realized that those ends were dangling unsecured when I got to this point.  No one has addressed this in anything I've read.  I know I'll reverse my orientation next time and other than that, it went well.
I had started threading the heddles before it was time to head off to physical therapy, and since I go twice a week, I head off there more often than I'd wish.  I got to this point with relative ease and should be able to finish dressing my loom tomorrow.  I need to do it several more times before I am confident.  Recently I was looking at my receipts for yarn orders which date back to 2010 and all that time I've been warping front-to-back. It's going to take some muscle-memory retraining.
Ian and I stopped by the A6 gallery to drop off my framed print for the show. I love the energy of this place.  I've been asked to attend the fundraising dinner tomorrow evening and the luncheon Thursday "to say a few words" about my experience at A6; My visit to the gallery, to taking classes, to being an "Ambassador" (volunteering for a shop shift each week), to having a piece selected for the juried show.  Dawn, the director, feels that potential donors respond well to a face and story.  The next couple of days are going to get hectic. I can work back here during my shift and I have stuff to do, but I expect I'll be talking to folks coming to the new show - I hope so.  It would be good for the gallery.


LA said...

I feel for you: I'm a novice at front to back, and that's one of my goals for 2017. Carol teaches us BTF at the Center, so that is my comfort zone. I don't even have to think about it anymore! It's great to see you getting involved in the artist community in your new hometown!!!

Cindie said...

I always start winding from the cross end - no dangling ends so can't picture what you're talking about. Glad you're starting to feel more comfortable with BtoF warping.

Anonymous said...

Masking tape is my savior for warping my loom, mostly from the front. Hermi