Sunday, June 04, 2017

Another day in Bend

Spring just doesn't want to let go this year.  I had to wear a sweatshirt on my walk this morning though there's a rumor that summer-like weather is coming tomorrow.
I put the cucumber seedlings in yesterday and should have waited a couple more days.  It's supposed to be close to freezing tonight.  Grrrrr.

Ian planted the tomato seedlings a week ago and probably should have left the cover on for a while.  This is my first try with planting my own seeds.  As in everything I learned how to do it better next time.
I pruned and cleaned the lilacs last year and am excited to have cut flowers in the house!  They smell as pretty as they look.
Yardwork is a huge priority right now.  Last year was our first summer here and while we planted some flowers, we mostly performed maintenance, cutting back overgrown shrubs and removing dead ones.  This year is much more rewarding.  We're still pulling up grasses and native yarrow but we're starting establish beds.  It's still early so there's not much to see.  This trip to the nursery we bought hosta which I have wanted to grow forever but have never had the conditions for them.  I naively thought we'd go home and pop them into the ground.  Wrong!  We're pulling up root systems and cleaning up years of neglect.
About the time I get discouraged with our progress, I have a moment like this.  Poor guy.  He was taking a nap under the tree and I woke him up to take his picture.  He saundered off but a couple hours later was back with a couple of friends.  We welcome their grazing on all the native plants in our front yard.
Or I have a moment like this morning.  I heard the scrub jay squawking like mad and it took me a while to figure out why he continued his tirade outside our door.  The bird feeder is empty and I think he's figured out that Ian comes out of the door and fills it up.  He even jumped up on the fence outside our kitchen window and continued his tantrum there.  Maddie was very amused.
I finished three scarves this week, all disappointing.  I need to get back to dishtowels which are far more rewarding.  Ian and I met up with friends for lunch downtown on Friday.  This sticker was on a car that we passed on our way out of the parking garage where parking is free.  Oh wait, Bend sucks.


Nina said...

We've had a lot of cool spring weather here as well. Combined with the rain, I'm still putting in my garden. I didn't find cucumber seeds nor seedlings in the garden centres this year and didn't order my seeds from a real seed house as I'd decided not to start my own tomatoes this year. I remember one summer getting to pick a fresh cucumber almost every day for my lunch. Enjoy yours!

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