Tuesday, June 05, 2018


The lupine that grew from a seed in a wildflower mix that I sowed last year came back again this year and is massive.  I've tried and tried unsuccessfully to pull out that large clump of half dead grass so asked Ian if he'd give it a go.
The native bunch grasses that grow here have roots a foot deep.  He finally got it all out but it left a huge hole where the roots had been.
This is that ugly mess ready for the dump and it weighs a ton.
I went to the nursery to buy a bag of compost and also a bag of mulch.  Once I had the compost in the ground and a ready flower bed I went back to the nursery for three lavender plants.  The spot is irrigated and in full sun.  I figured this was my chance to finally grow lavender.  I hadn't checked the zone requirement when I was there earlier and was disappointed to discover that the lavender is a zone 5 and we are an unforgiving zone 3.  I learned the hard way that even zone 4 plants can't survive the winter here.  I spent a long time looking at plants, checking for zone, size and color.  These are the 13 that came home with me.
I planted them all, and because I have to space the plants according to their mature growth it doesn't look like much right now.
I put redwood bark down on the path and the shade garden in its second year is rewarding all my hard work last year.
I have five of these Pink Petticoat Columbines and they've been blooming for a couple of weeks.  That's it for yard work for a while.  Now I just have to be patient and let things mature and grow together.  At least that's what I hope they'll do.
I just started this lace scarf from mohair.  It's to be a gift if I can finish it in time.  I've never knit with mohair before and am in love with this airy light fabric.  It was very hard for me in the beginning and I had to start over a couple of times.  It's going well now but I have to concentrate completely on the pattern rows.  It's very easy to add stitches, at least it has been for me.


Michelle said...

You are creating beautiful spaces at your new home, and yes, it takes awhile for things to fill in but the wise gardener plans for maturity, not instant gratification. That scarf is gorgeous!

danielle said...

I have totally never understood why nurseries sell plants that are not viable in the area.....Your scarf is going to be gorgeous!

Nina said...

Your garden is really coming along nicely. Next year it will be spectacular. I love the new scarf. That blue is wonderful.