Thursday, June 28, 2018


My son Matt is redoing our master bath and installing a walk-in shower.  He came to the house, picked me up and we went shopping at Home Depot for fixtures and plumbing.

The bathroom is completely gutted and one of the changes to is elevate the bathroom counter from 30”,which means you’re bowing to the faucet, to 36”, the normal height.  The unfortunate part is that while he’s done some plumbing, he’s a tile setter by trade, and bit off more than he could chew.  We were without water in the house for most last weekend which was inconvenient but also sobering when you stop to think how much of the world lives without running water or even fresh water.

We were watching our granddog so on top of needing to bring in bottled water to flush the toilets and to drink, we had two dogs to provide fresh water for.  Rusty is quite content to stay with us so at least that wasn’t a problem.  Our neighbor Lee came over Sunday afternoon to give Matt a hand, and also son Josh had returned by then and was also helping out.  The short of it that even though Matt thought he could tie into our old copper plumbing, it just didn’t work.  Matt is a project supervisor for a home construction company here and so talked to one of the plumbers who told him he needs to start over with PVC which was also Lee’s advice.  Matt wants to do it so we’ll start over this weekend and continue using the guest bathroom.

We were very happy to have water again because we had an appointment Tuesday to have our carpets cleaned.  Furniture was piled everywhere, inside and out, which was unsettling since we had to leave it like this overnight, then vacuum the carpet before moving things back.  I learned from Sean the carpet guy that our carpets are Orlon and that’s why they’re not wearing well.  The stairs are cut Nylon and look great.  His advice was to be sure we get cut Nylon if we decide to replace these.  But first comes the bathroom!

I’ve been commissioned to make a red hat for one of son Josh’s truck drivers.  I want to use handspun yarn so picked out the colors I want to blend, cleared out the area around the drum carder and reached into the accessories basket to find my drive band looking like this.  I’m not surprised since it’s 20 years old but it’s another inconvenience.  I asked for help on a Facebook spinning group and after several unsatisfactory phone calls explaining how to measure so a custom band could be made,  I ended up talking to Susan’s Fibers whom several people had recommended.  She has already shipped it!

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