Friday, March 28, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I finished Jerry's hat and dropped it off to him on my way home from work last week. I wanted him to have it while it's still cold. When I measured his head it was 24" which is huge. I was worried that it would be too small, so at about half way I looked in Charlene Schurch's book to see how she recommends measuring the head. You're supposed include the ears. Now I was really worried, but I didn't need to be. It fit perfectly and he was thrilled. It's from our Shetlands.

I also finished two more bags and have now used up the last of my bits and pieces of yarns. I was able to use up six bits in the left bag! I've done a lot of dyeing so am starting bags with the new colors. I need to get an inventory before I can push them.

I'm still having a hard time managing my pictures with Vista and couldn't find this for my Easter sweater post. I wanted to show how great Schaeffer's Elaine looks in reverse stockinette. My LYS doesn't carry this so I'll be ordering some as soon as I hear if we're going to have a niece or nephew in the fall. For now, I'm going to knit and watch NCAA and hope UCLA wins the whole enchilada.


Robin said...

Love the hat! Hard to beat those natural colors. Are those Booga Bags?? They look great!

Birdsong said...

Your hats are endlessly creative, and so are your bags!! I love the Easter Sweater, though the baby girl is cuter:)

Marie said...

Uh, you have a problem with UNC??? bwahahaha!

cindy said...

Anne's yarn look wonderful in reverse stockinette. Great choice!!!