Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A River Runs through It

I carefully plan trips to town and select days when I can pack several things in. I tend to favor Tuesdays since that's the day of my monthly book group and also the day that Allison has knitters in her home for a noon knit-in. This is a picture of the Truckee River which runs from Lake Tahoe, through Reno and ends in Pyramid Lake in Paiute land.

I impul-
sively pulled into the park which is just before the turn off to Allison's. The river is really low this time of year but I love to hear it, no matter what time of year. My little camera urged me to walk a little further and so I did.
I have many fond memories of this river and this route. My running partner Pam and I ran along here lo those many years and knees ago. We had a 12 mile week-end route and this was a part of it. I hadn't planned to drive our old route but due to errands, that's how I ended up going.

Upon closer look, I see a mallard duck. He is blissfully unaware of global warming and lower river flow - just floating in this river, from a mountain lake to a high desert lake. I get really irritated and frustrated with Reno and Nevada government, but geographically this is a remarkable place.


Life Looms Large said...

What a great running route! I love the sound of a river.


Theresa said...

Beautiful river, even low. You're right though, water and water rights isn't quite on the radar screen yet, but it should be. The drought in the southeast two years ago gave just an inkling about the war that will be waged over water.

Leigh said...

I'm like you, I try to combine errands when I plan trips, even though I'm not far from town. You certainly have lovely scenery for your trip.

Benita said...

Lovely pictures. I can just hear the water running over and around the rocks and feel that sun warming your shoulders.