Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What I Did Yesterday

I need more hat yarn so oven-dyed four batches of four-ounce rovings and put them on the deck to dry. We have had unseasonably warm weather, but I did need to bring them in overnight since it was going to get down to freezing.
I went over to Mim's today after lunch. We looked at her new sheep that she talked about here. We sat up in her studio, talked and talked, she spun and I knitted, and we teased the rovings into these lovely bumps.
I used past Blogger dye notes and used this color in a progres-
sion, maybe transition? Dye notes for me in Gaywool Dyes:
1. Mulberry, olive and honeycomb.
2. Lily, honeycomb and mulberry.

I got pink in my mind so the last two have pink and no yellow.

3. Blend of myrtle/
indigo, mulberry, cyclamen.
4. Myrtle, lily and cyclamen.

It was such a pretty day. I stopped the car and to catch this shot. We call these peaks The Pinnacles.