Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy Day

Lexi and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday morning. They heard the word walk and there was no turning back. Besides, taking a walk with Grandma is a long tradition, dating back to the years when her brother wasn't too old to stay here.
We were on a hunt for the colorful chips of chert. There are natural out-
croppings here on Porcupine Mountain and it's an acknowledged place for aboriginal peoples to make arrowheads.
Eddie was drinking at a spring that supplies just enough water for these native grasses. It's still not July-hot here. If you were reading my blog earlier when I worried about the developers trying to steal our water, the court did not rule in their favor. Our water is safe -for now. I'm anxious to see our greenbelt preserved in a wetlands status for the future. I'm sure this means we need to raise more money - and invest more time. Groan.
Alexia washed all her rocks with a brush, one at a time. She spent at least a half hour doing it. Do you remember being this flexible?

The chips are very pretty and she collects them with all the dedication and enthusiasm of a little girl collecting Easter eggs. We do this every time she's here and when her brother wasn't too old, the three of us did it. There's an area in their front yard just for these.
This is chert, as the Aborigi-
nals envisioned it. The arrowhead and partial arrowhead are from our dry creek. The stone on the right is the tool used to make the arrowheads.
I'm right handed so this photo is awkward, but the tool is only for the right hand. It doesn't fit into a left hand. I find that absolutely remarkable.
Alexia washed each rock, one at time, changing water in between when it seemed too muddy. Then she laid each one out to dry on the deck, careful to avoid cracks so none would fall through.
We ate an early dinner and then picked up her mommy after work. We were going to her judo lesson. It was a double win for me - getting to watch her practice and getting time with my daughter which is in short supply.
She is the youngest in the class but she's focused and is devoted. There are so many things clawing at a child's attention, I'm happy that she is choosing this.

We three met up with her daddy and brother after football practice for frozen yogurt - no pictures. Thank God for cell phones - all spontaneous.

It was hard for her to come home with me and not with her parents. We got back at 10:00 and she slept until 10:00 this morning. Her fascination with knitting might just be on hold with so many things clamoring for her attention.


Tina T-P said...

How wonderful for both you and Alexia to be so close to one another - Two of my friends are blessed to have their daughters & granddaughters with them this month - one lives in New Zealand and the other lives in England - there is only so much you can do with skype...hope you have a great week with her. T.

chris said...

alexia is so cute. more so with each passing year.