Saturday, July 02, 2011

Going to Black Sheep

We got to Harbor Vista Camp-
ground and put up our tent late Wednes-
day afternoon. I think this is our 8th time to camp here. There's no other place like it. I love the sound of the channel buoys and waves crashing on the breakwater and try my best not to fall asleep so I can just listen and soak it in.
This is the wonderful WPA bridge at Florence. There are a number of WPA bridges and parks along this stretch of coast. Amy arrived shortly after we did and so once we were all set up, we went to Mo's for fish tacos. We were on a stroll when an alarm went off for the drawbridge.

Hey, I live in the high desert and I thought this was one heck of a show. I was trying to post it from my new iPhone and ended up making a video instead. Who knew?! Our new phones were delivered the night before we left so set-up was pretty frantic. We learned a lot about our phones while in Oregon, and the part I especially like is that Ian figured out to get email service from our podunk phone company when no one else could. He cobbled together written information from Apple, Verizon and our provider. He 'da man!
I took so many pictures but as I'm composing this post, I realize that the Oregon coast has been done a lot and a lot better, so I'll share this one. This is a tsunami siren. We spontaneously elected to stay in camp on Friday instead of going into the Black Sheep Gathering. Amy noted to us while were setting up that she'd seen notices that Friday was the 4th Friday of the month and at 11:00 the tsunami sirens would sound. I thought that was interesting, thinking we would be in Eugene. We weren't and I have no words to describe the intensity of this siren. It was deafening and made my body vibrate,and my head ring.
This is the only spinning circle I exper-
ienced this trip. I'm so glad we spent the day as we did. I ended up not taking my wheel into BSG -I'm not sure I'll bring it again. The spinning circles were huge. I've never seen it so congested before. One again, I'm finding more enjoyments for my drop spindles.

It's a heck of a commute to Black Sheep Gathering from here. Both are so far from our home and we try to make one event out of two, actually. Ian and I are both SoCal replants and always relish coastal opportunities, whenever we can find them. I'm getting my thinking cap out - just as soon as I can find where I left it.


Hilary said...

Oh, that's the problem I've been having.....couldn't put my finger on it......leaving my 'thinking cap' somewhere.
Who knew???
I think as I get older, I am less and less fond of crowds.

Benita said...

What beautiful pictures! I love that coast line one with all the beautiful blue skies. What a lovely place to camp.

We have tornado sirens here and different areas test them at different times. Those in Indianapolis are tested at 11:00 on Friday mornings, and the ones in my county are tested on Saturdays at noon. It's reassuring to hear them being tested because you know that they'll work when we need them most. And, yes, they are rather loud when you a nearby one when it goes off.

Michelle said...

I think you should have come to Eugene to hug me instead of staying in camp to listen to those sirens! heh

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Next time I'll just have to take off more time so there are more days at the shore, followed by camping somewhere closer to Black Sheep. Two days of driving back and forth took too many hours away from my vacation time, even though the drive is pretty.