Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday

Our tradition on the day after Thanks-
giving is to drive up into the Sierras and cut Christmas trees. Here Josh and Missy inspect that tree they ultimately cut and took home to Bend, Oregon, while Little Sharon and Michael look on. They too cut a tree and took it back to their flat in the Mission District, tied onto the top of their car.
Ian brought our tree up alone - it's not that big. Our house isn't that big! It's $10 for the Forest Service permit and the fun is free. This year we have five vehicles and nine permits.
Sista's. These are two of our fabulous girls - my step-
daughter Margi and DIL Missy. Over the years they have developed a very special and sweet relationship.
Jerry and Lorrie come too, not to cut a tree, but to be with us. Jerry has been one of my boys since he and Josh were in the 8th grade. I told him I was working on picture albums and was surprised to see him in all the photos. He said, that's because I would rather be at your house. I'm proud of them both.
We were thrilled at how little snow we had to deal with this year but it was hard on the wee lads. Last year the deep snow was overwhelming and so they dressed accordingly, to no avail. I think they did a great job with what they had.
Ian took this photo of our group this year. One of the trucks got separated and missed the turn. We stopped when we realized that Carol was missing and then chatted with a guy coming out with his tree. He then ran into Carol and told her where he had seen us and gave her directions. We all got trees, hooked up for a group shot and then took off for our traditional breakfast.
The place we have eaten in Chilcoot for the past nine years has closed so we drove to Bordertown, where SIL Mikeal joined us with Kiernan and Alexia, making us a seating party of 20. We realized that all seven of our grandchildren were in one place at one time, possibly not to be repeated. The cameras started flashing.

As we were leaving Missy asked me to join she and Margi for a little Black Friday shopping before DS Josh's birthday. It ended up working out and Ian got some quiet time with his San Francisco daughter, Little Sharon, and family. The shopping was very little. I tagged along and snagged a $70 shirt for Ian at $15 - not for a gift, but because he needs it. It was made in Bangladesh. I have a hard time believing there is a $70 value in the shirt.

The birthday party was a bonus. I got time with all my kids, Jerry and Lorrie came back too, and sat I right next to CJ, the grandson that I have the least amount of time with. He played football for SOU but hated the weather and is headed to SoCal this week. He and I had fun with the Niner-Raven game on Thanksgiving. I'm glad I used to watch football because he's rabid about it.

This is DS Josh's truck after the muddy tree collection escapade. His birthday party was at Bully's so freinds leaving wrote sentiments in the mud. It's always hard to see them leave for Oregon, but they are insanely happy there. So that's now I spend my Black Friday.


Marion B. said...

Sharon, that sounds like a lovely day with all those people you love around.
A day to rember.

LA said...

...and a good time was had by all!!! What a fun looking day!

Benita said...

Okay, you had the best Black Friday ever! All the grandkids together at one time was such a special bonus, too. I can feel you basking in the glow from here.

Theresa said...

Wow, a red letter day for sure. What a grand time you all had, surrounded by a wonderful big, happy family.
Nice looking trees too!

Jody said...

You are so very lucky to have your wonderful extended family living close by. Looks like you had alot of family fun :-)

Valerie said...

I'd say that you should change the name to Bright Friday because that's a better description for your family.

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Cindie said...

What a great tradition!

Nina said...

I'd much rather spend a day like yours, with family, friends and fun rather than hit the shops. Think of all those good times and memories are being made. You sure can't do that in a crowded mall.