Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Until Next Year

I picked up Alexia on my way home from town. Her daddy had her washed up and packed up and ready to go. Ian is packing the car and we're leaving at 5:00 a.m. for Oceanside. I just talked to my sister-in-law a few minutes ago. She says it's beautiful on the beach and recommends that we pack shorts. Oh, the change in time and place!! I grew up in San Diego and resented the warm winters. Now I'm excited to enjoy a few days of it.
My last minute knitting is done and ready to wrap - after I finish packing my suitcase. Alexia modeled it for me, and I have to say, I'm concerned about it for a three-year-old. I guess I'll have to go with Amy's saying in this case. It is what it is.
I finished the sweater yesterday, but without a dryer, I had to dry in on a towel by the fire last night. I sewed in the zipper this morning. I tried to make an NC patch but you really need a serger to make a patch. Mine looked pretty pathetic. It really would have looked cool, had I been able to pull it off.

I took my Consumer Report printouts to Sears yesterday and was out of the store in 15 minutes, $1430 dollars poorer. Opening a Sears card saved $210! I would have liked a front loader with all the bells and whistles but the laundry room it just too small. We decided to replace both machines, but delivery isn't until the 13th. From Sears I headed to the Laundromat.
Does this bring back any memories? It's been a long time since I've used one of these. I was pretty clueless but they have change machines now so not having saved enough quarters is no longer an issue. There are no signs for times and prices so I ended up having to ask other people. I left feeling quite humble. The laundromat is a way of life for many people and it's not cheap. We dismiss homeless people as dirty but getting clean isn't easy and it comes with a hefty pricetag. They're going to be my peeps for the next couple of weeks.


LA said...

You had a lot of last minute items on your to-do list! I haven't been to a laundromat in years...I can only imagine how much it cost these days!!!!

Benita said...

When my washer and dryer went out a couple of years ago - or was it last year, I don't remember - I found one advantage of going to the laundromat. You can get all your loads of laundry done at one time. Woohoo!!! Besides it was great knitting time.

Theresa said...

Have a wonderful visit! Enjoy the beach, the weather and the folks!
We lived for a year in a trailer while we built the house, no W/D in fact no oven and a whole host of other things. I chose the fluff and fold option at the local cleaners, dropped it off, picked it all up a couple of days later. Not much more costly, kept my time fairly free to either run errands ( I was on a first name basis at Grover's Supply and Lowes) and in general helped me keep some semblance of sanity during that crazy year.

Nina said...

Winter is finally here. It is cold and snowy. A few days at the beach in shorts sounds divine! When our washer went on the fritz this fall, an important part of finding a new one was the delivery date or pick up date, since I wanted one I could take with me. They just loaded it in my truck and I was good to go. My last experience at a laundromat were both horribly expensive and yes, time consuming!

danielle said...

I hate having to go to the laundromat but agree with Benita - the upside is that you can get everything done at one time! The downside is the cost - and there are people that have to use them all the time....bummer!

I have heard a lot of pros and cons about the front loaders so am not sure what I would choose - EXCEPT that consistently I hear that you can not felt in a front, since I felt about once a year!, I have not yet given in to a front loader! LOL