Friday, March 23, 2012

Mim's Farm

The last day that Alexia is with us is always the hardest. She under-
stands that during the week, no one is home and that's why she's here. She knows she gets to see her mommy and daddy today and so I am thrilled to have Mim to the rescue. One of her does had triplets on Tuesday. Lex is holding a three-day-old kid. Mim breeds La Mancha goats and there are four kids in this dog crate. Mim has two of these crates in their enclosure because they love to snuggle in small spaces - I'll say!
Mim had two sets of twins born last Thursday and now Alexia gets to hold one of them. This kid was too large and was a hard birth but everyone is doing well now. Mim has six kids under a week old. She always finds buyers. If you want to have milk goats, you have to breed - that's how it works.

This was my favorite of all the kids. She seemed to enjoy the attention and so we gave her lots of it. I love to watch the kids play. They are so full of beans and gave us plenty to laugh about.
After we watched the kids play outside, Mim asked Alexia if she would like to hold a rabbit. Years ago Mim had many rabbits in many breeds. She down to just a half dozen now, none fiber animals, but she does have a very tame Netherlands Dwarf that Alexia was able to hold for a very long time.

That wood beam mid-
center used to anchor Mim's sheep shed which she purchased about four years ago. It took her several days after the cyclonic winds a couple weeks ago to locate it. It had blown north over the neighbor's house and to the next neighbor's property line!
And then there's her emu shelter which also lost its roof.  We don't have a storm in the immediate forecast and she says she's made calls to get these repairs done. 
This is the only remaining shelter with a roof!  I told Mim it reminded me of the sod-busters.  You can see the shed "roots" to the left of it.  She has a barn but it doesn't accommodate all her animals, which is the point of the supplementary shelters.  These winds were shattering - our neighbor lost all three of their horse shelters.  They exploded and were strewn hundreds of feet.  We've had our turns and I'm glad we were spare in this recent storm system.
I stopped to catch this photo on our drive back to the house.  I'm always amazed at how huge our valley is.  As were driving to Mim's, Alexia said - Grandma, you live in a really pretty place.  I couldn't agree more Alexia.


re'New said...

very pretty

Nina said...

Definitely one of the prettiest places to live! Goat kids are fun to watch and wonderful to have such a friend. The expressions on Alexia's face are priceless - such happiness!