Friday, March 09, 2012

Winding Up

 All of us staying at the beach house went back to Levyland on Sunday morning where other family were stopping in to help clean up and get the kids on their way to honeymoon at Santa Catalina.  Kristie was worried that they had overflowed their allotted ten trashcans and would be charged with an additional trash collection fee.  Yolanda found some rubber gloves in a cabinet in the garage and she, Kristie and I went through all the trash, removing the recyclables, consolidating all the trash into the ten containers.  Yuch!!
Chris and Michelle stayed a while longer, then stopped by with the boys for a visit.  You might wonder what Chris is doing with his hands.  This is his handful, Ben the explorer.

I loved this picture and added it just because I get such a kick out of Solomon, King of Cool.  He can't see the screen but he's not about to give up the shades.  We don't have WiFi there so I'm not sure what the 3-year-old champ of iPhones was doing but he was doing. 

The sunset was fabulous that evening and I don't know why I didn't get a picture of Michelle because we were both jumping up every 15 minutes to see if we could get an even better image of it.  They were the last visit of a wonderful weekend full of family.

Monday was just the two of us, pretty quiet after all the action.  We were stunned by the pelicans feeding on what apparently was a bank of anchovies for a good part of the morning.  I enjoyed another walk on the beach, though it seemed that everyone took the sunshine with them when they left.  We hung around the house, slept and read. 

Tuesday was so different from the fabulous weather the wedding party had enjoyed.  It's like it had been a wedding present.  We had an afternoon flight so were just waiting for the towels to dry when the realtor arrived to show the house, a sobering reminder that we are saying goodbye for good.  We've made some fantastic memories here and I wish that for future occupants.


Theresa said...

I'm confused, no doubt missed something. You're selling a house in San Diego?
Great wrap up to what looked like a wonderful weekend and congrats to the happy couple.

Unknown said...

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