Friday, March 16, 2012

Quick Feedback

I understood that the appropriate way to beat your warp was to change sheds and then beat, which is how I've done it all along.  When Rae said she thought it would cause unnecessary draw-in, I came home and posted my dilemma and asked for your thoughts.  I decided to beat on an open shed on my sampler today, and oh my goodness, what a difference that made. 

For one thing, since my harnesses were still up, I knew exactly what shed I was on.  In addition, it naturally forms the 30 degree angle with the weft when you pull the shuttle from the shuttle race.  It disappears if you change sheds and beat.  I've decided to postpone purchase of an end-feed shuttle system until I weave another set of towels this way - then I'll decide.  I also wanted to pass on what I've learned.

I bought this Knitting Pure and Simple pattern last week.  Ian and I have participated in a NCAA March Madness pool for at least 15 years and really enjoy watching the matches.  They are all unpredictable and always exciting - and I'm not a TV sports fan.  I think the hook for me that these are young athletes who graduate from college and go on to other careers.  In a time when news is universally depressing, it's refreshing to see this kind of dedication and disciple.  Color me silly. 

This is the progress of my March Madness sweater.  There are two more days of games this weekend, so I select the contests I know I'll enjoy.  It's been a year of upsets so far and I  knit, knit, knit.  These kids play their hearts out and remind me to be a believer in our young people.


Hilary said...

Just been catching you are busy.....supplemental warps and all.
I am trying to spend a little more time investigating my passion for weaving, and less time trying to make my business successful.
After all, what is success anyhow???

Theresa said...

March Madness is right. Good grief, there must be 6 games going at once on different channels.
Pure and Simple patterns are so nice and such good jumping off patterns for doing some fancy stitches or adding some elements.

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