Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marching On

It's March in the high desert, the snow is gone and many mornings are warm enough to walk the dogs.  This is my least favorite time of year.  It's dry - this is desert after all, but it's still cold.  There are still days where it hurts to breathe and the dogs don't get walked, something they are obnoxiously capable of complaining about.

I finally got a new warp on Maudie Mae, the first one in two months.  Spring colors - I'm exploring a hyacinth palette from a Google images photograph.  At this point I realized that in correcting a threading error, I had left an empty dent.  Melissa said, what you weave will stay woven for a long time so it was unweave, repair and start over.  Dang, I hate that.
Moving on, I can see how the values of the hues are shaping up.  If I had my value finder when I was arranging the order, I would have shifted the dark purple so that the light values weren't in a set of threes.  I really do love how color and value work.  This is my Prozac.
I'm really excited about the cutting board I just bought at Costco.  For 30 years I've used the counter cut-out on the left for pie crusts and for kneading bread.  My mother found it when she was taking a walk through an area where new homes were under construction.  It was in the waste pile so she went back with her car and picked out two - one for me and one for her.
The surface is fantastic and I have no idea what I would have done without it all these years, but the problem has become the particle board undersurface.  Over 30 years and with exposure to moisture, it's disintegrating - deteriorating quickly.  The last couple of times I baked bread, I had to clean up a whole kitchen counter full of sawdust.  I tend to hit Costco - in and out - too much temptation, so I don't know why I was in the kitchen aisle. 
A shopping misadventure - I drove out to Jimmy Beans after book club on Tuesday.  I said - I need to knit an adorable baby sweater that I can knit in nine days.  Skye was awesome.  She thought of this book,  - all patterns are from Cascade 220 Superwash wool, which is affordable.  After I got home I realized two things.  I hated the colors I had chosen and I hadn't bought sufficient yarn anyway.  So back I go to rectify the situation.  My class for Saturday didn't fill so I think I'll stop by after subbing on Friday.

On yes, subbing.  I got a phone call yesterday from a friend who asked me to sub for her and I shall - next Monday through Wednesday.  It's middle school so I'll be teaching two classes of great books.  Is that awesome or what?!  Years ago she was my boss.  She's leaving me real library work to accomplish while she's visiting her son.  Pinch me.  Life is good!!


Benita said...

The colors on the loom are perfect for spring. I can almost smell the scent from the flowers in it. After all the gray (and white) weather we have had lately, we sorely need colors like that to cheer us up.

Good news on the subbing front. I am so glad you are enjoying it and the extra money never hurts, either. :)

Maggie said...

Those hyacinth towels are going to be beautiful! I lived in Alamosa, CO for about three years, waaaay back, and I agree about early spring there. It always seemed that summer couldn't get there fast enough. Hooray for you finding a new "career!"

Nina said...

The colours you chose are very springlike, lilac and leaf green. However, they might not be as versatile as some colour combinations. I do like your hyacinth towels. They are so bright and cheerful.

I could do with a bit of cold weather which wasn't snowy, grey or wet. We've had days with heavy rain, followed by freezing temperatures with snow squalls and grey skies. I am so ready for a bit of spring weather.

Marion B. said...

Those towels are beautiful, love the colours. And spring? no spring here either. I don't think it has ever been this cold this time of year before.

Have a nice weekend.