Sunday, May 05, 2013

Baby Steps

It's been a while since I have warped Maudie Mae for towels.  I have looked at these colors for a couple weeks, but it wasn't clicking for me.
When I substituted the red, I knew I was ready to warp.
Aren't these crazy colors?  I have the warp hanging from the front beam ready to go, but it's been stormy the past couple of days and it's really hard to see without natural light.  I'll wait for some sunshine. 
I'm still working on the sock looper rugs.  Lilith is right in front of the window so I'm just going to weave here, until we get more sunshine.
I'm working on making up my own miscellaneous batts for spinning.  This is some of the stuff I'm drawing on - it's wool, mohair and sari silk.
These are the batts I'll spin tomorrow morning.  I've also added some badly processed Cormo.  I bought the fleece and had it processed it almost ten years ago.  It was expensive and I've just hung onto it.  I didn't know how to use it but didn't want to throw it away either.  We'll see.
I finished the scarf project.  I learned a lot but I don't have a scarf.  The green will be my "sewing with handspun" cloth sample for the weaving conference at the end of this month.  I'm thinking they might both be the samples and that's okay.  I'm confident that my next scarf project will produce a wearable scarf.

For those of you who have encouraged me to write the story of my daughter's high school pregnancy and her baby's open adoption, I just want to say that John's dad and I are taking baby steps towards doing that.  


LA said...

You're right! That red really made it pop! Don't give up on your scarves...your art yarn will work perfectly with them.

Benita said...

Whoa, bright colors! Perfect for summer weaving.

I, too, will be interested in hearing the story.

Nina said...

The red does give the colours that spark. They're garden colours! I love the new batts for spinning. They should make beautiful yarn.