Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Counting Down

I took a lot of photos in the studio today, hoping they will help me orient my equipment and help me create a new studio in the new house.  I won't have any more space than here, just different.

We have gone from no action to craziness.  I invited our buyers, Jennifer and Travis, to come out to the farmers market in our valley and they did just that this past Sunday.  I noticed a Blue Heeler mix on leash and commented on it when the woman said - actually, I think we're your buyer.  They took me completely off guard and I was so happy to see them, and I introduced them to as many people as I could.  They had to leave early but Jennifer said she is going to be out for the inspection this Friday so I told we'd talk more then.  I'm so happy to pass on the information I wish that someone had shared with us when we moved in.  She had no clue that none of the utilities come from Nevada - power is from a California cooperative and phone/DSL are out of Idaho.

Yesterday was my last book group meeting.  I have facilitated this group since the library opened in 2005, first as an employee and then after I retired, as a volunteer.  Friendships have grown through the books we've read and the conversations about them.  I am at a loss of words to express how much I will miss this group of ladies.  They make me see books in a different way and they make me laugh.  They gave me a wonderful send-off and a generous Kindle gift card!

Meanwhile, while I was in town for book club, both our Oregon mortgage banker Mike and real estate broker Ken called.  Mike is working to get us a 4.25% or less interest rate and Ken said our inspection is Monday, can one of the boys come by near the end.  I texted them and they've got it covered.

 I should be packing my studio but instead I put a warp on today because I really need weaving to help me settle down.  The back beam has to come off to move it so I'll weave as far as I get and then cut the rest off.  The movers will be here two weeks from tomorrow to pack up the house. The dogs will be fine but our kitty will not, so I'm going to drive up to Bend with her on the 22nd and put her in a kennel that Ian and I saw when we picked up cats with DIL Missy during our July visit - that is the first available date. That's what I mean - craziness.  Moving in not for sissies!!


Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your move to Bend. I hope you join the Central Oregon Spinning & Weaving Guild so I can meet you!And star another book club!
Stephanie S

Ingrid said...

Good idea to put another warp on - you have lots of time to finish it and not stress out about the other things. (Of course I'm a terrible one to give advice about time management. I have a sale on Sunday and there are still towels on the loom and a scarf that isn't quite all put on the loom yet.) Good luck with the move. I hope you'll come back to Nevada County for a visit soon - we ave lots of bedrooms for you to use down here!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I know it is crazy but hopefully everything will go smoothly on your move. I worry about my kitty if and when we ever sell our house. I bought her a larger portable crate so she has lots of moving around room but she still didn't like it. The day we had the first showing she cried most of the time while riding around in the car. I also dread packing up my studio! Good luck!

LA said...

New beginnings! How wonderful! Your new warp will help keep you centered.

karensspinzen said...

I hope it all goes as easily as possible! Good luck!