Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Snap! Just like that.

I finished this commission and got it in the mail on Monday.  It turns out that is going to be the last thing I weave in this house.  I got a call from our realtor that day five minutes before lunchroom duty, letting me know that our contingent offer had received a full price, non-contingent offer on her house over the weekend and they would be sending us papers to sign.

 Let me go back and put this all in order.  We came home from visiting our kids in Bend, Oregon on June 5th.  After we got home, we decided to put our house on the market and move there ourselves.  My oldest son Josh moved there six years ago, his younger brother moved there two years and ago and now that he's married, he and his wife are thinking about starting a family.  We already have two grandsons there, and in spite of also having two grandkids here, we decided since we always take vacations in Oregon, it's time we become residents.

We listed our house and on the first day we had two showings, Jennifer in the morning and Pamela in the afternoon.  The next day Pamela made an offer contingent on the sale of her house.  The offer was good for 45 days and we ended up extending it to the end of August.  And then about a week ago Jennifer also made a contingent offer based on the sale of her house and increased the price by $5,000 which caused Pamela to withdraw her offer.  And now Jennifer's house is sold and we have to get a move on because escrow is set to close on or before September 30th.

Because I was anxious and needed something to do I accept this library sub job through the end of this week, and then extended it to the end of next week since they are interviewing next week and expect to hire by Friday.  The arm twisters were the kids themselves.  So many of them would plaintively ask me - Are you going to stay?  I've requested a substitute for next week.  Otherwise, I accepted those days and I will honor them.  I can't leave for Bend until after the 8th anyway so it's just three more days.  I need to buy a house and then come back and pack.

I'm looking forward to getting up there, locating a house and starting our new lives.  I wanted to be there before school started so I can finally see the boys' games and concerts.  We're one step closer.  Nothing, nothing, nothing was happening and then snap!  Just like that we're counting down the days.  I am counting down to no more 50 minute drives to everything.  I've lived in Reno for 40 years and am leaving behind a lot of friends and memories, and now I'm going to make new ones.


Michelle said...

WooHOO! Too late for OFFF this year, but hopefully we'll have lots of opportunities to meet up in coming years!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Love the towels! I wish you well on your move and so glad the house has sold so quickly!
We have had the same kind of decisions about selling our house and moving closer to my daughter. Our house has been on the market with little interest so far. Discouraging to live in limbo. Good luck and will look forward to reading about your move.

LA said...

Good for you! It's often necessary to make course corrections in one's life, and it sounds like you are now headed in a great new direction!

Texan said...

Congratulations! New beginnings always fun. We are also looking for a place in another state and we are looking at something a bit different than we have had here. Here we are 45 minutes out from a lot of the shopping, etc... but that will be different where we are looking. We are not quite retired yet but that is what we are working on and what the where we are looking is about.... new, different, exciting, fun...No! :O) How fun to be on your way! We are still in the looking, hunting stage... :O)

karensspinzen said...

The towels are exquisite!
Best of luck with the move and all that that entails! Hopefully, finding a house will be a snap!

Nina said...

It should be a wonderful adventure! I hope all goes smoothly with the house hunting.

Naomi Walters said...

I am looking forward to see where you are going with this. I certainly can't wait for you next round of house hunting, and what houses you’ll get to see along the way. In any case, however you choose to proceed with this journey, I hope you’ll have fun in doing so. Cheers!

Naomi Walters @ Chicora