Thursday, March 10, 2016

Flying Small

This is a new experience for us. We have taken for granted flying with Southwest where bags check in free. Suddenly we're learning how to the rest of the airlines live. Alaska charges $25 per bag and I'm stubborn. Nobody flies into or out of Central Oregon except for Alaska and if you want to fly out of CO on a commercial carrier, you'll be on their plane - at 5:00 in the morning on a very little plane with our very little bags.
We have spent the better part of the past two days figuring out how to pack four-days of clothes and stuff into these two little bags. Ian found a local shuttle that will take us and pick us up for only $16 more than it would cost to park our car in their lot and then scrape the weather off when we get back next week. The dogs are at the kennel, first time Sammie has been in a kennel in her 12-year-old life.
We're headed to Redlands California first thing in the morning to celebrate a big and wonderful birthday and to celebrate our family and friends. Life is good!


LA said...

Have a wonderful time! (Sorry about the luggage dilemma! It does make packing a challenge!)

Jodi said...

Have a wonderful trip! I hate how paying for checked bags has led to people bringing the world's largest carry-ons and fighting for bin space. So uncivilized!

Michelle said...

I do hope Sammy will handle kenneling okay.