Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Budding Author

Warning, grandchild heavy content. Tonight was Alexia's book reading at the UNR bookstore. She and four of her preschool classmates have written and illustrated books. Their school has a licensed teacher and a student teacher who, as part of her practicum, has to do a project with the children. For the last three months, Lisa, the student teacher has helped these students create their own first books.
Lisa whispers a phrase and then Alexia repeats it so that she can "read" her own story. Alexia tells me in advance that it a very sad story in which the dogs die - she misses them very much. No dogs die in her story as read. She's four years old and her imagination is well developed.
Eric is telling his story and his classmates cluster to hear it. They are excited for each one of the student readings. If only life could stay this simple. The boys have written of super heroes and the girls of princesses. Interesting isn't it that these themes don't change.

Here are the stars of the show with teacher Lisa. The investment is this project was three months. Alexia says that she liked writing her book but she wants to wait until she's older to write another one.


Theresa said...

How perfectly wonderful for those kids to be writing their own books! I understand copyright laws but maybe you can give us at least the bare bones story line. It must have been a fun event for all and such good pictures.

Beryl Moody said...

This could be the start of something big! A great creative start for kids and kudos to their teachers.

Mim said...

Great teachers! And a lovely new author even if we do have to wait a few years for the next book. Does Amazon have this first book yet?

bspinner said...

WONDERFUL!!!!!!! You have every right to be proud of your grand daughter. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Three cheers for good teachers!!!

MiniKat said...

Very cool! I like it when kids get encouraged to be creative. :-)

Robin said...

So cute!! I love teachers that reach in and pull out creativity in children. Takes effort to go that extra step. Good for her.