Wednesday, September 07, 2011

5th Annual Gathering II

The enter-
tainment was where people found it. This is just one of many Rumi-Kube games. There were many card games as well. Misery seemed to be very popular, whatever that is.

The LSU/
Oregon game was a big attraction - this group doubled as word spread that it had started. In fact, when Christopher finished parking his camper, his first question was - has the game started?!
The jig-saw puzzle is always popular. This years puzzle was purchased by Kristi (in the center back) and given to us last New Years when we were in SoCal. Matt and Julia bought it last year.
My daughter-in-law Missy and step-
daughter Little Sharon are browsing through the photo albums. I left this weekend being broke and feeling like the richest person on the planet.
Yvonne and SIL Rochelle have known each other since they were teenagers. These are the types of relationships my children have been able to enjoy because we've lived in one spot since they reached middle school. Some of those friends were here this weekend with their own families.
And then there's the dice game in the garage in the evenings. We call it "tree-fitty" and I have no idea what the real name is. Little Even in the foreground was a serious contestant and almost a winner.

I thought I was finishing up with the weekend and then realized that I hadn't even gotten to our visit with our local potter, Joe Winter - that's him in the orange shirt in background. He makes a living as a potter and always has an open studio with demonstration for us. I'm a storyteller - I have to finish it up.


Cindie said...

I love that there was so much game playing at your get together - our family loves to play games, I'm always dumbfounded when I find families that never have.

Annie said...

Your weekend sounds great! Our family also loves playing games together and we have a few jigsaw-lovers, too

Nina said...

What a fabulous gathering! Lots of fun, good company and great scenery. I agree about the games, much fun. We usually do a jigsaw puzzle at family gatherings as well!