Monday, September 12, 2011

In a Day - or Two

I took LouAnn's suggestion and went by Goodwill after my swim yesterday. They charge according to size, from $2-$5. I came home with six flat sheets and spent $20.

She also recom-
mended that I take photos of the sheets so I can compare with what they look like when woven. I think these three will end up in one set.
These are the pinwheels for my current warp. I'm weaving the last placemat from the pinwheels on the bottom right. There is waaay too much pastel going on here. The red pinwheels are sold and paid for. I get the message.

I let me weave until 3:00 today and then I had to finish my book club book. I have to do it as facilitator, mixed blessing - It makes me read the book and it's also made me read outside my comfort zone. It's only the third time in five years that I haven't enjoyed our selection: A Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. I have my wonders about the book and they would start why she didn't write the end first. I would rather she wrote the end into the whole story. I will donate my copy to the library.

Ian and I were reading on the front porch and enjoying a Northern Harrier, who instantly eliminated our bird population to zero. He was focused on the voles and I was rooting for him, when a thunderstorm cell rolled in from the east - always serious business from that direction.
Ian ran upstairs to close the windows and saw this fire from my studio window. He knew it had to be close to our friends Carol and Harry, where just last evening we had enjoyed a Sunset Magazine style dinner on the front porch. He called and left the message that we'd be there in a heart beat, let us know. Carol called about 20 minutes later.
The fire was right by their house but neighbors with shovels had showed up until the VFD trucks arrived. And then the sky opened up and gave them a hand.
I think they call these gully washers. I have a feeling our driveway will have some new contours, come tomorrow.
Just last weekend we had dozens of folks camping in this now building lake. How capricious is the high desert weather!!
It's a puzzle. Can you see the llama shape who is adoring the rain? And yes, the fire is out. We got lucky. Dry lightening is the fear of us all. Phew.


Michelle said...

What a blessing to get the gullywasher to put out that fire! You are a busy little bee. I spent so much time spinning and knitting yesterday that I have a sore elbow. None today yet; might knit a little during the news. I've got bread rising, now that the temps are cool enough to turn on the oven!

Theresa said...

Oh lucky lucky rain! We had the dry lightening over the weekend ( and 2 fires locally from it) but no rain. At least your location always for easy spotting. We've seen fires lay down and smolder for a number of days before finally catching and starting.
Love the red! And such pretty pinwheels.

LA said...

What colorful sheets you found! I'm looking forward to seeing the placemats! Although the rain is very welcome, that lightning is always a concern.

Benita said...

Whoa! That's a lot of rain, but is sounds like it was very timely.

Nina said...

Good timing for the rain and the blessing of good neighbours for that fire. Silly llama out in the rain. We have a chook who also likes to hang out in the rain. She'll strut about, or just sit there in the rain, thinking about whatever chickens think about.

Evelyn said...

Have you thought about throwing the sheets into a dye-bath - just some grocery store stuff could darken the colours.