Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is my least favorite part of making soap. I have to create an origami liner from butcher paper that exactly fits inside my mold. I'm so going to coerce my son into making me a mold that is friendly and opens at one end. I hate getting the liner in the mold and I hate getting the soap in the mold out. I've never had it happen before, but I ran out of everything all at once so have made four batches of soap this week. It won't happen again! It's a hobby and it suddently didn't feel like one.

I'm doing another horse show craft fair on Sunday. I love doing valley shows since I get to spend time with neighbors and meet new ones. Afterwards Carol, Kerry and I are going to put together our applications and photos and get this puppy submitted. I've been trying to get the sea glass towels woven and finished for a photo.

I thought about including a photo of my weaving assistant. He is most helpful and interested - mostly curious.
I'm hopeful to finish this towel in the morning and also the last one before going to town. The cone and note are to remind me to move the knot from a broken warp to be in between towels so it can get lost in a hem. I've suddenly become a little disenchanted with Valley cotton. It's where I've gotten the majority of my yarns, but I've had serious breakage and knots that have demanded I stop weaving and repair. I love their price but I'll order Homestead cotton next time so I can compare.
And I have Jeanie's adorable little loom here that she one again generously loaned to me. I have to get it warped next week for a workshop on Saturday. It's a good thing there aren't more than 24 hours in a day or I'd feel compelled to fill them. Honestly. I'm cutting back - soon.

I took a video this evening when Ian and I were relaxing and reading on the front porch - turn your volume up. It's truly a lovely time to be at Sagecreek Farm. I never tire of the quail.


Marion B. said...

please, take care.

Susan Harvey said...

I just complained about my order of Valley 10/2 cotton (ordered through Webs) and they surprised the heck out of me by refunding all my money for the 2-1 lb cones I had ordered!

It was labeled as being made in Brazil. Hopefully these textile mills will return to our part of the world eventually!


Benita said...

The only color I have ever had troubles with in the Homestead cotton is white. For some reason it is a bit thinner than the "colors". Even then, I've only popped warp threads a couple of times with the white and none using the colored yarns. said...

What a handsome lad your assistant is! I haven't used that brand of cotton, I really don't use a lot, but I will probably avoid it after this. Sounds like you are doing pretty well.

Robin said...

The paper is my least favorite part, too. Just ordered molds where I'm not supposed to have to use it. We'll see - they arrive later this week.

Anonymous said...

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