Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh Wow

I finished the lap robe. You can see the color change if you're looking for it, so don't look for it! I was surprised to need it last night as we watched a BBC concert. We might have started a fire but we we're about one fire from being out of fuel.
Today was a craft fair with Carol and Kerry at the Center for Spiritual Living. When we got there, we discovered that space wasn't assigned for this first-time event. Everyone was scrambling to set up inside the church and since it was crammed full, we asked if it would be okay if we set up outside. We had a plum space on this beautiful day.

Thanks to Facebook, several friends saw that I was going to be at this event and stopped by and bought - thanks! . My favorite towel sale of all time though is Marion's choice. She came with matching pants and from Facebook, knew exactly which towel she wanted. This from my Desert Pond sequence with the Desert Peach weft.

I'm not going to bother you with the hour I spent between the craft fair and going home at my grandson's Little League game, though I do wonder how I ever had time to work. The evening fare was Joe's spring open kiln show, which gets bigger every year. The big guy in the red t-shirt on the right is our neighbor and middle school teacher.
Joe always hires a band from Carson City called Hickory Switch for this event. We started inside where we've always been due to weather, but after their break, the action moved outside and they acquired a jug player.
Last year it was snowing at this party. This evening it was 77 degrees, and it dawned on us that we really didn't need to be inside. It's probaby a one-time occurance.
All the food was inside and oh my, as always there was enough food to take a bath in. So. Eric and Jeri are chatting here on the right. Jeri knows ASL and is conversing with Chris who is deaf.
Eric and Jeri ham a passionate embrace with a complicit Chris. Her husband came by right after and loved it. They're all silly.

This is the nakid studio where we are usually packed in due to the cold temperatures. We left - went away. I hope Joe isn't disappointed. I got sucked into visiting and spent a half hour chatting with Joe's daughter, who is now a second year college student. I think life just can't get any better, and then it does.


LA said...

What an exciting day! I'm glad the sale went so well!

Cindie said...

What a fun day!

Benita said...

What a great day! My toe is tapping to the music just thinking about it.