Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flash Forward

It's been a week since Spindle Camp. These are my spindles and the ones in use most are KCL from Ken Ledbetter in Tucson. I keep saying that I like my Ledbetters better. This is Black Sheep Gathering weekend, and I know I would have bought yet another spindle that I don't need had I gone. The one on the right is my very first spindle that I ever spun on or owned - a birthday present from Amy, my pusher.
Benita asked me how much spinning I got done at Spindle Camp. Precious little! One of these skeins I had struggled to ply on my own here so knew I would be seeking advice for better ways. While there I filled two spindles and Hermi walked me through plying them. She had me wind both spindles onto the felt ball you see here that she gave me. Once the two strands were secured, all I had to do was ply them onto another spindle. It was so much easier than trying to ply from two spindles. No struggle, only fun. I see spindling and spinning as very different. I spin for quantity, I spindle when being social.
And speaking of spindling, Hermi sent me a photo of the yarn she finished from those rolags. She got a very bright yarn, but she also started with very bright colors of roving. She knits cowls from these yarns and has been successful in her sales - in Las Vegas of all places.
I ordered 15 more cones of yarn from Webs. I know I said I'd never to it again, but they have such great colors. After I finish the Fiesta ware warp I have on now, this is all I have to work with - I'm running out! I'd like to do another sea glass series but I have no more of my favorite blue - in front.
This is my favorite blue on the left and only Webs has it. UKI has something close but without the depth of shade. Kathy Lefevre sent me a link to a UKI vendor who sells direct and has great prices. I'd love to know if anyone has used them and what their experience is.
When I was in town in Tuesday I ran by Goodwill and snagged these sheets. Ian told me he thought that blue and brown would make good rugs so I'll start here. I asked Hillary about tearing them and she thought it was unwise to risk inhaling those particles. Given the amount of dust after I cut them, I think I'll pass on the quick fix of tearing, though it was fun to watch at Spindle Camp. I'd like at least six 2x3 rugs for the craft fair in October. If Webs doesn't ship soon, I'll have to start on them. I'm thinking about doing hem stitching on the ends and leaving a couple of inches as pseudo-fringe. I hate the knots. I don't like tying them and I don't like stepping on them, plus they wear out quickly and fall off. Tell me quick - is there a reason that hem stitching fringe won't work??!!!
I took a picture of our front yard as I left to get eggs from Mim. I was in such a hurry getting ready for Spindle Camp that Ian had to pick up store eggs - pale yellow yolks, eew. We enjoy these plants that have been hearty enough to survive our climate. Those day lilies are very special since I brought them out from our house in town. DS Josh has asked me for starts when they finally get their own house in Oregon. I think he was a freshman when I first planted them. I love plant memories - starts from friends who then become part of our yard.
I snapped this image when returning home. It's been a chilly and blustery June 23rd. My car thermometer registered 62 as I drove out of Mim's gate. I find that ironic after sweltering just one week ago. I'm fine with that. It's easier to put on more clothes than to take clothes off.


Kathy said...

I made my first rag rug a couple of months ago, Sharon, & I used doubled warp as weft for a couple of inches at each end, turned it under twice, & hemmed them by hand. It looks wonderful & wasn't much work at all. There was a trick to laying in the weft in a way that wouldn't pull in too much that my teacher, Linda Hartshorn, called an "inverted shed"--worked like a charm.

Cindie said...

I've found that fringes didn't look nice very long so I also use the warp doubled for weft and weave a few inches, then turn under twice and hem.

heather said...

ditto to both of the other posts.also another option would be to zigzag the header on your sewing machine and make a binding tape out of your sheets to coordinate. have fun!

Benita said...

Brown and blue should make lovely rugs - I love that color combination.

And I think hem stitching the ends for a pseudo fringe ought to work just fine. I agree with you, I hate stepping on the knots. They hurt when you are barefoot.

What a lovely yarn from the rolag/punis. I'm going to show this trick to my spinning students next month. They will love it!!

Tina T-P said...

Yes, there were several spindle vendors at Black Sheep-including one RIGHT INSIDE the front door - catch em on the fly, I guess -

We had a good time - disappointing judging with the wool show, but that's how it goes sometimes. I bought WWWAAAAYYYY too much pretty stuff - now I have to get down to business, spinning for that Artisans Faire in September.

Glad you had a good time at Spindle Camp. T.

Wool Enough said...

Your reports on Spindle Camp are giving me a yen to take up my spindles once again. Spinning on a wheel just feels too much like work, so I haven't been spinning lately. But I love dinking around with spindles.