Friday, August 03, 2012

Last Minuting

I struggled today to determine which towel to submit tomorrow to the Inspired by Nevada County category. It's an entirely open category and brand new. The moment I heard about I knew that I wanted to weave towels inspired by the Yuba River. It's the most amazing and beautiful river with unique blues - there's nothing like it. I've loved it since I was in high school.
These are the four tea towels that I was trying to choose from. Each one represents the Yuba River canyon but my submission said Yuba River. I really loved the golden ones but asked Ian to help me pick. Using my three reference photos, he ultimately chose the one on the right. I think it probably most matches the photo I'm submitting with it. This has been a wonderful challenge.

At the Reno Fiber Guild board meeting, we talked about the idea of a Nevada color challenge. We're being asked to submit items for a scholarship fundraiser at the Conference of Northern California Handweavers next spring. I know a color challenge would be fun, but now its about selling the idea. We're a pretty small cast of characters.
I finished the sweater jacket today. It needed to be steam pressed and have the button sewed on. In the pattern book, neither photo of the sweater showed the jacket actually buttoned. There's a reason why. The cowl collar continues to roll all the way to the hem. I doubt I'll ever button it either. Dang. If I'd only known. I could have eliminated the button hole and the drive all the way out to the JBW storefront for a button, which I'm guessing will never get used. There's a lot of spinning in this thing. It's triple-ply hoggit Rambouliet and alpaca, which I had blended at Morro Bay. I hope I like it and wear it lots because it cost me a bundle, between the fleece purchase and the processing. Words I need to say: No thanks, I'm trying to cut down.

All items are in the car and I'll leave in the morning to deliver them to Grass Valley, 2 1/2 hours away. Thank you Lindsay for keeping me overnight so I don't have to drive back the same day!


Valerie said...

The towels are beautiful!! Too bad you can't submit them as a set.

The jacket came out wonderful too.

Wow, you've been very productive!!

Good luck with your entries.

Cindie said...

your fair entries are wonderful - can't wait to hear all about the fair.

Wool Enough said...

I'm knitting a vest that has a similar collar to front transition as your sweater; wondering how it will turn out.

The towels are gorgeous! (as always)

Anonymous said...

I am loving your towels and was wondering if you would share a draft? Your weaving is beautiful.

Tina T-P said...

Good luck on your fair entries! Your new sweater is beautiful! I'm sure it will be a joy to wear. T.

heather said...

simply amazing! your talent and productivity are inspiring!

Benita said...

Goodness that jacket is beautiful!! I hope you like it too.

Good luck with the towel. I do hope you win!

Midcentury Me said...

Gorgeous work! I would love to buy some--can you email me at regarding price and availability? Thanks!