Monday, August 06, 2012

Nevada to Nevada County and Back

Lindsey met me at the fair-
grounds. I went with her to grocery shop, then she returned me to my car and I followed her home. This is an automated gate. She drove up to it, pulled to the side and told me to drive on in while she guarded it from the goats. Huh? Guard and goats? So I drove through and then she asked me come back and do the same for her.
These are the free-range goats. She was protecting our vehicles. The picture I missed in the shuffle were the half dozen goats standing on her Prius. I've only seen goats on a vehicle in photos from a third world country and having never raised them, I didn't know they would really do that. They're busy little creatures. Lindsey and Grover have a large number of rescue animals.

It was a fantastic visit. I'm so glad she invited me. We worked together professionally with our respective library systems before we ever met as fiber artists. I find that ironic, but I can tell you that books were part of our discussion, along with knitting and chatting. I had never met her husband who is an photo artist and iPad devotee. In fact, they are a His and Hers iPad family. Grover spent a considerable amount of time showing me how he photo edits on his iPad. It's not a hobby. He has an article coming out in the Nevada Magazine next spring on The Lincoln Highway for it's 100th birthday and a book along the same lines in progress. He knows of what he speaks.

I left with the huge question of whether I need one or if it would be a duplicate of devices I already own. Tomorrow is my in-town day and I'm thinking I might just have to schedule time to visit the Apple store for a test drive and further questions.
I stopped in Nevada City on my way home. I knew about the Nevada County Craft Fair - Ingrid had posted it on Facebook and I haven't seen her since last October. I'm terrible about pointing the car toward home once I start to drive, so I made the decision that I would stop. Finding a parking stop in Nevada City was half the battle. This is the Miners Foundry which has been refurbished into an events center.
I didn't realize that she and Beryl were sharing a booth. I stayed and chatted for at least an hour. I always learn so much from both of them, so it made me sad to see the quality of the booths around them. It was a juried craft fair, yet the organizers had permitted vendors who were selling "fair trade" items to sell as hand crafted. Not fair. I told Beryl and Ingrid that they need better signage. Hand woven in Nevada City!

When we go "over the hill" on a weekend, the "hill" being the Sierras, we have a single advantage. The traffic is always going the other way. The drive was a breeze both directions, and being the weekend, no construction delays! The only traffic I experienced was strings of cars coming towards me. So my items are in the fair. I left my tags with Beryl for pickup and I'll get them from her later. I learned that they both have entries in the Inspired by Nevada County category, so I can only say - it was a fun exercise.

Deb asked me about the weaving draft I'm using on my towels. I got it from Beryl and if you'd like it, please email me. I'd be glad to send it to you , but not all comments come with reply emails.
Speaking of the draft, Hermi sent me a photo of how she wove it. She's going back home to Switzerland for a visit next month and will be giving towels to her family as gifts. I love seeing all the different uses of this simple four-shaft draft of a two-block twill.
I came home yesterday to a very large box - the latest shipment of yarn from the Georgia Yarn Company. Two colors are backordered so I worked with what I have and what I just received. I came up with what I think is an island time colorway. I'm calling it Aloha and started winding the first warp this afternoon. I had to jump ship when it got to be a zillion degrees upstairs but I'll be back at it in the cool of the morning. I can't wait to see what my imagination came up with this time. I know there are all kinds of programs to help predict colors, but the feeling of risk and satisfaction when I do it myself is all mine. I may change my tune if I tank big on this one.


Wool Enough said...

I'm very curious about the "photo editing on an i-pad." I edit with Photoshop on my laptop. What can one do on an I-pad that could not be done on a 'regular' computer??????

Maggie said...

That is a gorgeous building! And I love the colors from your new shipment. Good luck at the fair!