Friday, October 20, 2006

More Soap

This is my soap, or rather where my soap is aging. I have seen elaborate storage facilities on TV craft programs for homemake soap to cure, but this homemade soap maker is on a budget. It's important for soap to age where the air can circulate around it, so I've taken the plastic racks from plant nurseries and stack them on top of a square laundry basket to provide the environment that the aging soap needs. It's in our guest room and boy does it smell good in there right now.
Here are the raw bars, and they really do look raw. There are so many steps that go into making the bars look pretty. I bought a recommended tool for beveling the edges of the soap but found that I still prefer a good old potatoe peeler. And I say old, I mean it. It was in a basket of wedding presents when I got married in 1968. I've owned it from the beginning and it's an antique. I'm getting close to being one myself.

And this is what the bars look like when they're done.

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Sara said...

Disneyland? I lost out to Disneyland? Please tell me it was the grandkids.

Up at 3 again this morning, but happy to see your Frosted Llama photo, it's fabulous. His ears, and the plant next to him with the sun glinting off the tips, it all looks magical. I think this should go to a photo contest of some kind, or a Llama magazine?