Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cat and the Hat

This is Charlie. We adopted him from the SPCA over a year ago. He had some funky name like Rochester so we waited a little before renaming him. He had such an air of entitlement that we named him Sir Charles, and had we realized how much entitlement he actually felt, we should have named him King Charles. He mopes all evening until Ian sits down to provide lap. I put my feet up when I sit on the sofa and that doesn't make the lap that Charlie wants. Ian crosses his legs - that's Charlie's lap.

He has a unique talent, besides being king of the house and bossing the dogs. He knows which pile of laundry is the dark load and climbs into that basket. I hide my black things on the bottom of the load, and even though my black pants are underneath Ian's shirts, I know that when they come out of the drier, they will have orange cat hair on them.

And this is the hat, or what was the hat. I couldn't see any alternative to frogging and reknitting. I thought about Sara's suggestion to toss it the washer and drier, but the black is Shetland and the multicolor is Brown Sheep wool/mohair blend. They would felt at different rates and the hat would be warm enough for Arctic wear. I really really love the colors in the yarn and want to love the hat as well. Years ago I knitted a sweater with a huge neck and was looking for a quick fix. I decided to crochet around the inside to snug it up. Diane Soucy asked me if I really thought I'd be happy with that after a couple of wearings. I thought, oh probably, but she was right. I still have the sweater and it's been years since I've worn it. I'm going to felt it and cut it up for a bag or slippers - maybe mittens. I knew I would never be happy with the hat either. Not all shortcuts are shortcuts.

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Beryl Moody said...

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

Quote from Robert Heinlein