Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Bags

I stopped by Jimmy Beans to get a button for my squatty fat bag. I made some i-cord for a closure and needed a button to finish it off. I found the abolutely perfect button for the bag, and fell completely in love with their button selections. It’s of fused glass with all the colors of the bag, like I had made it my self. When Amy gave me the dichroic glass button and said, design something around this, I was not prepared for the energy that one button can generate.

I finished up a couple more bags. The green one is spoken for. Chrissie came for our campus KIP lunch – she gets to come because she brings my beautiful Allie – and she saw me knitting on it. She reminded me that her birthday is coming but I worried back that I thought I had a buyer, to which she replied – I wish I could type it like she said it – Motheeeeer, I’ll pay you money for it. So the green one is a birthday present.

I love the way different wools felt. The blue bag on the left in the first picture and the green bag - Chrissie's bag - are from Coopworth. The felt is almost a fabric. The top part of the bag on the right is from luster long wool – Romney or Border Leicester – can’t remember but I love the way it looks, kind of bubbly and hairy. I'm trying to get some spun into yarn before the enforced spinning diet.


Leigh said...

Hi, I'm just surfing around and came across your blog. You have a lot of interesting posts and photos. Your knitting is lovely and I love your wonderful felted bags.

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Your production is, as always, amazing!

:shazzy: said...

do you have a link for the bag pattern? To lazy to look. And if you don't, you should do a tutorial on how to make them! (with pics of every step of course!)