Monday, January 15, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

This is one jealous cat. Right outside are two dogs, and since he thinks he is one, he doesn't understand. The hillock in the background is where we often see coyotes working a wedge to snare a meal. This is Saturday. When I woke up it was zero degrees on the house thermometer and -5 on the porch.

And today, two days later, the snow is gone and the sheep and llamas are venturing out. I took the dogs for walk this afternoon. It was above freezing this afternoon, bundle-up time for me, but these guys have to coats for it.

What to do indoors - I dunno. Knit? This is the reincarnation of "the" hat. I lost the acorn tip. Sometimes I like it, today I didn't. I have some purple and more the multi-colored yarn so think I'll give the hat another go, substituting purple for black. Then I won't want to see this yarn for a while.


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