Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dyeing to Dye

I finished the socks from the yarn that Amy dyed and spun but didn’t like and gave to me. The socks only took 2.8 ounces and the leftover yarn weighed 4.4 ounces. I took it back to her when we had a YIP lunch on Friday. She didn’t like it as yarn but liked the way it worked up into socks. I think she has enough for a pair and a hat.

Speaking of dye – I am at a huge standstill. This basket of locks is the last of things that I dyed earlier this year - I guess I mean later last year.

I think it looks great on the bobbins but there's too much flash - sorry. The colors in the basket are more true. I don't know how I do it - brag - but I'm very often able to eyeball my bobbins and come close to dividing my fiber equally. In this case, my leftover single was a mere 12" long.

The fiber is Border Leicester and I love the way it felts in the Booga Bags - or doesn't felt. It more or less forms lumpy bubbles and looks great. I am liking the bags from luster long wools more than with the wools that are considered feltable. I started spinning Romney this morning. I found a whole box of silver Romney in roving in the garage. I can't make a cool bag with silver Romney. It needs to be dyed and that brings me back to being at a dye standstill.

I am completely out of anything from the different dye days earlier this year. I have a few colors of Gaywool dyes, and since it has been cold and I’ve been limited to dying in the kitchen, these dyes are all that I feel safe using. This means that everything comes out in the same color hues. I am absolutely in love with the colors on the cover of the December issue of American Style.

So I started to hunt online for the colors in that issue. Initially, I limited myself to Gaywool and Landscape Dyes, both products of Australia. This morning I got out my copy of Deb Menz’s Color in Spinning as well as the SpinOff issue with the article that she and Sara co-authored. The more I read, the more I decided I didn’t know. Tonight I know less than I did this morning. Where, oh where did I leave that crystal ball.....

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Sara said...

Hey Sharon;

First of all, Gaywool dyes are no more *safe* in your kitchen than any other dyes: it is a super-milling acid dye. Use adequate precautions.

And second: we set the date for the dye day: March 25th. I'll try to post it to the guild list-site, but I am having difficulties getting anything to load there.

Mark your calendar!