Friday, February 16, 2007

And yet more bags

During my houseboundness, I found myself watching a lot of mindless TV and movies, thanks to the brainfog of Percocet. And in that mindless TV and movie watching, I was thankful to have yarns available for mindless knitting. I did finish these three bags

The body of the purple bag is rainbow dyed, not so you can notice, but it was supposed to be rainbow dyed with purple, pink and green. I dyed it with hot pour and didn’t wait long enough between pouring to get good color definition. The color variation is slight, but it looks pretty cool against the contrasting purple.

The biggest surprise was the connecting color on the bag going from purple to claret/merlot/whatever-red wine. That was the last of my very successful rainbow-dyed yarn that I did do the dyeing right. I actually waited in between pours and, boy, does it ever connect the two colors in the bag. When I do something like this, I get all excited and want to stay up all night and dye yarns and rovings. Thankfully I have a sane husband who brakes my insanity.

I get such a kick out of how each one of the bags turns out, because while I’m knitting, they look shapeless and ugy. It’s not until going through the several washing cycles that they look completed. And they don’t look like bags until they’re blocked. I’m starting to get the feel of how the different wools felt, and now I’m ready for a change. I’m finishing up knitting the wools that I have spun or dyed and am contemplating how to put different wools together to take advantage of their various rates of shrinkage.

I knitted this bag a while ago but just wasn't happy. I moved the button and changed the fastener from i-cord to crocheted band. I loved the button but it didn't show up well before. I'm taking another fused glass class next Saturday. My focus will be on buttons. I think glass buttons on the bags are oh-so-cool.


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

You will be making fused glass buttons?! My birthday is coming up..hint...hint... ;-)

Leigh said...

The bags are lovely. You've been really productive. Glass buttons will really be an excellent touch. Please give us a report about your class.