Saturday, February 10, 2007

Guild Meeting Saturday

Last evening at twilight I just happened to glance out the window to see a funny cloud creeping over Peterson Mountain and pouring into the south end of our valley. Even though it had just started raining, I couldn't resist running out for a picture. Mim's house is right under where it's pouring and she told me today that they were absolutely socked in last night. No wonder!

It rained last night here - finally. I was so excited to see a pool of water this morning that I ran, well hobbled, back into the house for my camera. The LadySmith Black Mombazu song, "Rain, rain, rain beautiful rain" keeps running through my head.

I rode into the CSSW guild meeting with Mim this morning. Our new meeting location at the South Valleys Library is absolutely perfect for our needs and central to the widespread geographic spread of our membership. We have to drive an hour, but many people do, and today 33 people did. It was great to see Wayne. He came with samples as he has just sheared and has 60 gorgeous fleeces. We don't get to see him much outside of the fair, so it was a treat. He told me that he lost three lambs in the freezing temperatures last month. One ewe lost both her babies. When he found her, she was frozen to the ground, one lamb dead and one partially born but dead. He had 15 lambs in his kitchen at one time. He said that when he was growing up, there was rule that if you came into the kitchen and found the oven door partially open - don't turn it on. He still uses it as his incubator. He was clearly sad about the loss of his lambs but happy that about his kitchen babies. Oh, he was able to save his ewe and she's fine now. Another treat, after running the Jimmy Beans store in Reno since its opening, Allison has retired and was with us today too. And more good news, it's raining again.

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