Monday, February 12, 2007

The Knit and Chat

Allison came out today to knit and chat. After bringing in her knitting bag and purse, and she toted a big box into the house, saying "I brought something for you." Mim came over with a felting project that she needed to continue working on, and that turned out to be perfect. (Check out her site for stunning wet-felted bags.) In Allison's box were bits and pieces of colored wool roving that were leftover from SOAR last year. She was helping with cleanup after the event and this box was slated for the garbage. She had nylon stocking legs and a paint tray insert for friction. We ended up felting over bars of soap. I have a bunch of imperfect bars of soap upstairs in my workroom. We didn't end up knitting a thing, but this is what I did do.

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Leigh said...

Sharon, your soaps are lovely and your hats are gorgeous! I am very impressed at how prolific you've been.