Saturday, February 03, 2007

Can't You Just Sit Still?

My foot

My foot on drugs.

I am bored. I finished my book, started another, read two back issues of New Yorker, started another, watched two movies, knitted the backs, fronts and on the sleeve of a sweater. And now I know, when my teachers asked me so many years ago, "Can't you just sit still?" The answer is NO, I can't. The pots in the picture are Joe Winter's, a potter who lives a half mile from us. I wanted to "sweeten" the picture.

I just read "Made in the Shade: Annals of Commerce" in the January 22nd New Yorker. It's about the Color Marketing Group and their role in forecasting color for industry in the next year and beyond. I learned that the screeching green that we've been seeing this year is Wasabi Green. Aren't you glad to know that? I first heard about it from Judith MacKenzie when she told us about the group in a dye session I took at the Black Sheep Gathering. I thought, "Nuh, uh - I'm not color suggestible." But when I finished the article and looked down at my gray sweatpants and navy blue T-shirt, one of my favorite color combos, I had to think twice.

I love all my Japanese plates - I'm not sure why I want to dress like one.


margene said...

Your plate is beautiful! I'm also drawn to things Japanese and would happily dress that way! Hope your foot is better soon and you can get around.

Leigh said...

I'm sorry about your foot. I would be going bananas too if I couldn't move much. What a bummer. Your 100 things was very interesting. The bit about the color forecasting was interesting too. Unfortunately I work so slowly that I would always miss the currnet color scheme. So I just stick to blues, greens, purples, and yes, grey too.