Friday, March 23, 2007

My Own Socks

In all of my knitting years, I've never had the experience I did with these socks. I picked an all-over lace pattern from my Harmony Guide and even though I knew the gauge was right, it just didn't look right. I felt unsettled all the time I was knitting. I mean, look at this. It's ugly. With socks, you finish one - then you get to do it again. And ugly twice, is one too many.

But it did work and now I'm hot to try it again. I have literally pounds of this sock yarn. I am anticipating the fun of two projects - dyeing and knitting. Does anyone else have an entire drawer of their dresser dedicated to socks - besides me??

Two days and counting before the dye day in Grass Valley with the Foothill Fiber Guild - with the one and only Sara Lamb. I'm pretty much stopped on dyeing until after that, because I've used up my dyes and I'm waiting until after this session before I order more. Than lookout. I have so many things that are just waiting for me to buy dye. Weekends are too short - work weeks are too long~


Jodi said...

The socks look great! I have not just one, but two dresser drawers devoted to socks. Enjoy the weekend.

margene said...

I have a drawer full! It's wonderful to only wash once a month;-) Your sock is lovely. I do believe anyone can desgin a sock. Enjoy Sara!! Our guild has to wait until 2008!

Leigh said...

Well, I have 2 baskets full of socks, does that count, *lol* I'll say those socks worked, they're lovely!

Thanks for alerting me to the comments being turned off on my last post. Not sure how I managed to do that but I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Lucky you to do a dye workshop with Sara Lamb! I know it will be great; her work is lovely. Please give us a 'tell all' report!