Monday, March 19, 2007

Wind Clouds

The forecast is for rain tomorrow. This morning that didn't seem likely at all, but look at the wind clouds all stacked up. It is possible. I love to see wind clouds - it means weather, or the possibility thereof.

These are the same wind clouds, but I stopped the car at the Bedell Flats overlook. I couldn't resist the colors.

Okay, okay - it's overkill, but I thought the clouds looked really pretty as I started into our valley. I pulled over just before the cattle guard and I'm sure the car that drove past me wondered about my sanity. It was quite blowy by then and I'm learning to deal with a new problem. My short hair blows into my eyes. It's really windy now, but that can work against us and blow the storm right over us and on to Margene.


margene said...

Other drivers are always wondering about my sanity! Thanks for taking time to capture the incredible clouds! We have party cloudy skies this morning and the threat (is it really a threat?) of rain this afternoon and tomorrow. I love the unsettled conditions of spring.

Marcy said...

So you're saying those fabulous skies are _your_ skies, and not Margene's skies. Huh. In the interest of fairness, she really ought to fess up to that on her blog.

Looking at all these sky shots almost makes me want to move west. We don't get a whole lot of skies like that in Mass.